#UbuntuTV a new innovation for @ubuntu & the world!

I new there was something missing in the drafting of Ubuntu and that was a TV variegate of the software that has a roll up desktop from the RF transmission, most smart TV in fact all smart TV normally are a Java base ARM processor which Ubuntu run on already, however imaging being able to plug in your wireless keyboard and mouse as well as a web-cam or TV that come with a high end web-cam build in for things like Google Hangouts or Skype conferencing.

I am sick of viewing my world through the physics of Java, I would like Ubuntu.com to come up with an UbuntuTV variegate of the software, most of those have the storage capacity as well as the view and Ubuntu not only sounds better it generally looks better as well!

The amount of money ubuntu.com will be able to take in paid channel subscriptions, advertising etc, it would be though in the flavor just to have something like life.ubuntu.com like life.labs.coop that casts the streams to it!