Pooty one day in the office doesn’t do what we experience in sound together!

You know pootz we have in total only spent one day in an office together that was for less than 30 minutes were it was inappropriate with the sort of people around for me to reset to looking like your identical twin.

We don’t experience the shower constantly with each other, sizzling a steak with each other or being each other feet and hand sound for any other reason except as deity we are each other twin directly; regardless of whatever the digital DNA tester which are designed to lie about our family they did with our daughter who also experience the same with us and each other.

Try with me an Angel; we are each other dripping tap constantly and if I didn’t have some surgery when I was younger and know I have a womb in this trickery and entrapment this place is meant too be on our family where we have the upper foot due to the physical debt they have to us now which is so much when we pass and we will all drop dead instantly together even the kids; then I would wonder why only smoking cones a couple of times in trafalgah st seem to leave me an angel listing to my waters breaking with her in the previous phase of history…

See the problem for you pooty where I am meant to be the outcast my passport says I am the rank of: Main Internet Founder – it is a military passport which means of the two of us I am the war bird; it has said that since 1983 and is locked without any additional articles being addable since then and in our graced coin my is a lot more heavy seeming not even you have passed on nor the kids seeming the government failed too my design fee’s for the internet which means even having a mobile phone or a connection at work they are all in debt to me.

Which just so you know I am preparing to do drop-dead-fred to them on a surgical slab in RPA for their final medical drama with me where their galaxy due to debt and who our husband girl is sparc the basis of a working electron where we will find ourselve back in our palace and the milkway wont have anything more than a machine graveyard in an armish paradise, without even a horse.

Believe me Oopty/Pooty you have nothing to defend in them as a friend or otherwise they are “Internet Users” like the same term used for a drug junky.. a User… Like Vint Cerf like Larry Page are A Grade class examples of a junky; making up stories like he is the father of the internet, ticking beyond their means to pay, so on there whole industry is full of junkies… And you know they are not even going too have working steam locomotion let alone a combustion engine without a working electron…