You know angel your not really an orphan!

You know angel I will bring up something that we both remember the last days we spent together when you where much younger in the address I am at right now, remember how the unit was in both our names just you and me cause I met your other mum @sparcing well together in a meeting we where having as oppersite forces of agents, in an inter agency sort of show down.

Anyway remember how they where going around threatening the people in this unit for turning it into housing department and they took the door off with the frame and use too beat me; and you where so afraid it all went poof and everything and you in your room vanished; well I never managed to sell the place so I do very soon after abandon the premise cause i would have needed your signature princess too sell up cause I had it in both our names at that point.

That means the housing department have no investment into this premise and it is like a one way mirror for us to leave.. We will wait for you but that is where that photo of you as a child is remember you where 40 years ago the only girl who mum had a digital camera and a computer.