Sponsored Dedicated Servers coming next week (2’ve)

I have been enquiring for a number of month on the off shoot I can find someone with enough resources that offers community sponsored projects like Chronolabs Cooperative server space. I was refereed by Tim from Prohosting in Australia to Oliver Ransom from http://www.ransomit.com.au who has lovingly replied after probably sending around 30 or so companies I researched on http://www.whirlpool.net.au that say they offer sponsored community hosting which tended to neither offer a reply or where really despondent to the services we would require.

Coming sometime next week we will have 2 x Quad Processor Machines with 16Gb and plenty of storage each to operate the labs.coop and associated websites from including API without having to operate it on the resource starved dual process development server from my department of housing location.

These will be running Ubuntu on dedicated links with IPv4/IPv6 addresses for the life time of the business with advertising placed for RansomIT. So with the Australian government controlling my human services to starve me of any ability as the Main Internet Founder to operate an open source business and host a website basically cause I have made them look like complete arrogant fools; clearly showing there is no issue with my mind in reference to mental health from the quality clean code I flawlessly have produced by and for the XOOPS Community and world wide web which if you didn’t know mental illness produces itself in language set and very relevantly in programmatic code sequencing languages and there is no schizotype instantiations in my online and publicly viable source code repositories; these doctor looks like psychopathic malpractising inhumane treatment services clearly!


2 thoughts on “Sponsored Dedicated Servers coming next week (2’ve)

  1. Not only is my code aced clean, there is different method under PHP normally several ways of doing the same system and mine is always direct best calling method from honed skills which I taught myself the Linux and LAMP stack while having my body interfered with my mental health from a windows Visual Basic kernel based codegramatic construct to a c++ style OOP ledger; with flawless reproduction time after time after time…


  2. A great example of difference between mentally ill schizophrenic code would be TBDev on sourceforge.net and my own version of TBDev for XOOPS on the Chronolabs sourceforge.net project, there is nothing like clean code compared with the earlier mention written by a bipolar as well as a secondary schizophrenic coder for torrents…


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