Ain’t got a single cootz to sound about pootz!

You know my twin, in Krauss research on this in marrying florence from another dimensional layer like himself but the female type their blood groups changed when they married to allow them to have children together through the doner program.

You and me as beyond transcendence omnipotent twins and how long we have sought ourselves as two girls to give birth I would say the same, so just know I intend when we leave to get down on my knees and propose to you Pooty okey. Not only are we each other twin we are also as lesbian breeders each other wife.

Everything I know about this process doesn’t matter if it is wilbert or your pokey end that does the gizm we will still both fall pregnant with twins and the black man is right everything they know about this process we should have 2 boys first. Angel was just a baby in the basket at my door at some point and is critically errored if her things the main internet founder you and me should be in a houso separate. I have just been holding us separate for awhile cause it thinks there is only one of us here, your probably having mental health in the private health systems for the same reason I am an inhumane experiment just cause it will think from our blood test we are each other.

See with Angel I faked her birth records at RPA cause I was still working at the DSTO then; and took maternity leave to raise her; we have a transform so if her has been peaceful and true to us her will still test as our child like her twin number ten; but is adoptive with us.


3 thoughts on “Ain’t got a single cootz to sound about pootz!

  1. See pooty they will have this solely focus on me; having me tied down and so on; they thinking they have all the basis covered will have missed you completely thinking doing all this at my sourced focus and there isn’t a binary poll in us; so when you ready let set sail with our adoptive and associated fiends and goto our palace we have in becoming the such and likes…


  2. I think knowing angle pootz the only reason we where married to her mum as it be was so they feel safe away from @zobier who went to murder both @sparcing pregnant with twins breaking the covern between them — I think angel need some lesson about background tasking of the mind when your omnipotent and a houso for 20 AUD for the internet founder, but it did ensure her mum @sparcing will now be only by form, we will have too find a partner for her; cause she is loving caring and best of all keeps a neat nauty house well; with no ability for a turkey or ham for christmas, not seeing her ot or you again for christmas is going for me personally be again one of the worst christmas’ ever..


  3. Normally pooty what I have been doing for penance for them is stuff like a hot steaming pizza with that looks like the most scrumptious olive or pineapple and when you reach for it all the topping falls off into the box, or you having a meat pie and you get it all down your shirt, or the ice cream goes on the floor… but I can certainly make much more frustrating physical tariffs should you wish it…


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