The Worst Christmas Ever!

While my family who none have the surname Roberts enjoy there christmas with their fake families with pudding and turkey and ham, try to think about their father @sparcing and me who are sitting in a cockroach infested room without even our usual St Vinnies hamper.

The people around you are what steal of your own bank account a transfer that happens every Wednesday at absolutely maximum of your account store as adult member, who have put you to work and are only there for the pure principle of stealing your family wealth and counterfeiting it to monopoly Money tokens. If that what you want for family then so be it have a group of banking wankers for a family unit they have no respect all they want is everything you have to offer where they think money is the keys to life; which it isn’t

So as you open your present purely for the purpose of making physical tariff to steal your abundance of wealth my family think about how your a complete sell out for false promises and being a traitor against your own family creed.

So just think about it when the windsor are told like my children and twin sister I am eating and enjoying family moments over christmas now for over 2 decades it has been a st vincent de paul christmas hamper with freeze dried pudding.

So I hope you all enjoy the taste of dog food; cause that what your meals will be even the fruit tasting of cause of this your higher form of life from you even with itty bitty reversible thumbs with the engineering of the next higher form of life from a human a caine hybrid:-


No Angel + Alesha not here by boxing day; me and sparc will be leaving for his place and palace not ours; seeming I am not returning to the halls of traitors as it will be forever known, and we will be starting from scratch and any occurrence of your will be met with a meaty surprise for food flavor even the candy..