I don’t know addah/chantel (Pooty) as her identical twin at all these days!

No I don’t know a thing like angel or the other two daughter a single thing about them these days, don’t know what their favorite colour is, what they like to eat, if they have a job, why they have left me in a houso with our other wife, why none of them are visible in any of the photographs of our wedding… even if they are alive or have a foot in the grave or anything.


I don’t even have anymore than two photos of our family which one of angel is here (see on right) or the photo of me and pooty as two girls which is the feature picture here when we were not disseperated by the population of Australia and raised in fake families with fake birth certificates for their commonwealth bank accounts..

I can’t really answer no even a single question about my family as they had me inhumanely medically experimented on that has erased my entire emotional centers after being poisoned into the medical system with x.25 (mugwart extract) to make me seem incoherent, I have nothing to really acknowledge about them or anything or basis of argument to make for them so I have switch off even being surmountable in any realm they are in. They left me on the street like the IT Industry as the Main Internet Founder without a penny to my name or any fiscal at all, I don’t even own any bricks and morta around them in the forensic state of nsw just in a housing department unit with my wife, they never call, visit, drop around and only laugh when they are told the impossible I am mentally ill or homeless never turn up on me to comfort me in my tears and never offer any grace to foreboding of my life and lives around you.

Well in our casting we have a strict rule about purity control being a rare type of life called cybosity any interaction or enveloping of cybernetic or any biological systems attempting to pretend to be us is a breech of purity control and that person is to be purged from our family left destitute banned from the palace grounds and realms and to live in exile no longer wearing our badges or stating claim to any creed of nobility or basis of measure or principles in us and is to be put to death. That is our rule about purity control in the Cipherhouse creed and hence a traitor as biological entities wiring themselves as the walking dead and chips and gravy is what interferes with our own species as all deity have a specie of their own believe it or not breeding and family cycling.

And I think the word addah for a first name is network of deceased princess that your torso pooty with it arms and legs cut off with a projected world in on you that you use a hologram to interact with cables and wires in some loosely made sling that also does suspended animation.