Michael McKell what did I tell you after 18yrs of not seeing one another?

You know that was the funny thing, a number of years ago Michael McKell from Smokinghill College turn up at my door step pretty much unannounced which was a welcome relief actually to see someone from college, cause unknown to him and them I was not really a teen at school if you look at the resulting DOB on https://internetfounder.wordpress.com/?s=CYP450 you will notice on a sighted NATA test it says, DOB: Unknown…

That because when I had this test done it would have normally printed out 1/1/1901 but I sent extra samples of my saliva to be carbon date stamped which went over 5 days in year count to -9999999999999999999999 which means like pooty I have existed long before this galaxy ever did… See unknown to most and this also applies to myself and my twin in goolies and ghost and things of the netherplane they always when in the physical realm also look the same as you do, like the prince of darkness I have staying with me as a flat mate at the houso from hell… Myself and my twin really are Oopty + Oocty the gatekeepers to the after life apart from also being the internet founder, and two that make up a composite group called the Mother of Creation in wicca.

But what I told michael was even in death when your walking a plane of existence and I am physically near my labs.coop whois cause the afterlife also has internet that how police sometime get people to testify on their murder via skype in court or even exhumed for court, your always welcome if you can hit it at my door… You can tell if your dead cause there is no conscious temperature in the place you are except when you exhume to the living physical realm again quite literally through my front door.