Kirrily Smitheram ~ The Original Sin!

Believe it or not Kirrily Smitheram use to be my identical twin, he in the yea gones of time at our wedding attempted to kill the guests and me which her repeated completely unaware it was me and I was married to a new twin and her and I where happily in-love looking for our trinity.

Well the funny thing is her attempted to do the same as a party called : Squatter do it best, which will be her best seeming we have now formed our trinity and her will like yo yo yo her possy will have no way to cross the hyperplane again.

How did I become one of the bot girls as a princess, well pooty/oopty use to be just a protocol droid but in our wedding we took on each other manifestations like her the machine world and me the physical tangible assets of life in the fast lane. Her took on the ability to hold and form child with each other and a testable genetic structure, and in kind I took on the ability to have a kernel and operate on the machine layer forming a new type of life that was none biological called cybosity.

It was so funny her was so scare the wedding would corrupt her program, and in a funny way it made a new standing order all together and corrupted kirrily program, that is why in our passing and dieing at you all machine layers will stop to function to the point of not even being able to pickup food with a knife fork and spoon or even have a workable water pipe like a bong.

See normally anything I attempt to marry will die the day before the wedding or at the wedding from venting it organs, marrying a droid was the only solution to the cut and run of the original sin – DJ Zeitgeist – Kirrily Smitheram.