Privacy in Email Angel I know what you need your own mail server!!!

To Angel, Jester, liby & the doof,

I know many of you are worried about email privacy and I am sure you know this can be a big issue, well what I can do for you on something as simple as one of $6 per month slices which gives you 50Gb space I can set you up your own email server.

With the way lots of government are making people store like ISP the content of people mailboxes and forward them on to them you can’t say anything without having a problem somewhere down the lines in the bullet dictionary attack of email etc… I can either make you a subdomain on my like or you can have your own domain or subdomain you will have to set up your mx zone, it will have an admin and a webmail, and will operate all the time only thing is your box wont be mirroring to the government and you will have mail privacy.

One thing is your ISP normally has an option for creating email addresses we will need a couple of SMTP accounts that will not be using it anymore than a transit point for your email and I am willing too barter for my time, it will have an admin and systems for your control of it!!

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