They say human greed will destroy the world and it has!

The funny thing is on my passport M8747409 of the military rank of “Main Internet Founder” you will find a series of articles from around 1986 from comp.protocol where I designed the internet for Vint Cerf and a number of his stooges. In that I ask if they will be charging fee’s for it and they say yes and I explain that fee’s are due when fee’s are charged and they will have to pay me 50c AUD per network node which works out every unit now of IPv4, IPv6, 1TB Block and 1yr x TLD, gTLD.

They have never ever paid a cent and as you can see the interest when the total upfront payment was due on the 08/12/2008 on IPv4, 1TB & TLD, gTLD as shown here they are so greedy and stingy when they are charging for each unit in excess of 20 USD, they can’t even come up with 50c AUD not even 50c AUD in that total time cause they are greedy malicious fuckwits like their whole IT industry where I am the communication principle and basis of design for them.

The fact myself and my twin where my twin has already left like Angel’s eldest daughters Elesha + Elisce through the hyperplane simply vanishing in front of me so I know as a family of deity we are dieing at you soon it will be mine and elpiniki turn and we will vanish and the world of tyranny and fool hearty forget-me-nots will leave the entire machine layer dead to them.

The fact is even David Balnaves when my family is no longer physically present is going to die owning me billions of AUD and that is for any individual that has used the internet even internet connectivity in the supermarket for internet ready toilet paper or any product that has come through the internet shipping, or even the mail. So you know don’t you myself and my identical twin and elpiniki now are the gatekeepers to the afterlife so you when you die owing us personally will most certainly be going to purgatory never to consciously exist again.