Who are the Roberts, Epsteens, Cooks, Almgren’s well they are zealot fools!

See this is how fool hearty the humans are, they have attempted time travel and separated both my children and both mothers and father from each other to self elect themselves as ‘parental’ type figures thinking they would become deity, this is really not the case, myself and my twin like our husband have no parents, we are the primary node of all object ordinate like a dryad is to a tree.

The worst thing is my twin sister where Canadian, who originally had adoption papers for her which we still have on file and in this one they have fake birth certificates and have no proof of birth like photo’s of them pregnant or anything.

They have also done this to steal as much credit converted to monopoly money tokens as possible, they are underwriting every single cent we even send to ourselves from our multinodal instancing, which means we are not all just here as a single appearance as an entity we have multiple instances of us around the many galaxies in the cosmos and large are together as a family except us, we hold absolutely no blood relatives in our ancestory.org listing and have little or no basis of merit for them, they are the scum they represent and are such fools to think you can self elect yourself as a parent or a brother or sister of us just cause you list it on the internet, this is not actually possible and never has been, in fact it means your will be going to purgatory regardless of what you do.

Myself and my twin sister like our husband Elpiniki just exist we always have we have no basis of family beyond us, we are as eternal beyond the existence of even the cosmos we have been before this cosmos existed and will exist if it ends as we have experience beyond this cosmos without you.

You know how family always bears a genetic resemblance to each other like for example in soccer player number 10 of the national Australian girls football team who was birthed by my twin sister and angel here her identical twin (except the milk belly) you can see both elpiniki and mine and pootys face in theirs see:-


This photo was before encountering the beaty punce harry from clarence house where we where slapped with the roman nose not our indigenous nose we normally have our boong. It is totally if you look at ancestory.org at the various families we have had built around us bear absolutely no genetic resemblance to each other or the children where for example you look at Brian and Dianna Heath from the ACT and Justin and Johnathon they both look like a younger and older twin in genetic resemblance of both parents.