The most amazing thing has happen my twin Charley is answering me in bird call + the buzz saws!

It has always been evident to myself and friends around me I have a disparateness twin, I have never been able to find her name before due to self consumption, but over the course of this rather rude hospitisation of myself and our husband nick, elpiniki (which if you look up is a male greek name) bumped into her standing as I am as a him.

Elpiniki also has a twin who is separated from him called Mike Staas (@zobier) he normally has the name Nick Staas, where mike has and I assume like my twin adoption papers. Charley is my twins name which is a female name like Simon and we have probably like some twin that have the ability to change gender and appearence.

Charley my address is as it appears here but if you would like to take a talk down the phone call the number on the ‘wishcraft’ account on the Just to assure you talk to our medical legal you will find we are not mentally ill at all…

No Elpiniki bumped into Charley thinking it was me at RPA out the front and gave himer my full name, Charley I am tattooed and pierced in such a way that we need to have a sleep over to recify our gender equality, it has done this thing down 1 side of two sets of twins; thinking elpiniki turn to get pregnant but it nicks turn to do it in your mmmmmm yum yum for two boys, we are dimensionally linked our wombs which has been a long standing case of yours function together and one of the two of us get remotely pregnant when the other one falls this way. Well normally just coming in contact with family we would flip our gender but I know you want closure to your cases as a barrister.


2 thoughts on “The most amazing thing has happen my twin Charley is answering me in bird call + the buzz saws!

  1. You know Charley I know you find the panagram in time here a little disorinating cause it is quite a fissure in time we are in the exit wound of right now… Just know I love you and have the result of why your passport is M right next to mine, that me I have kept you hidden in my life for sometime; and have lived in the inner west for 18yrs attempting too find you… have you ever carbon date stamped yourself you will find it goes to -999999999999999999 in year count, I am the designer of the internet and we have become deity because of this… we have existed now for a very long time…


  2. Well Charley seeming you missed your wedding, being a snooty nosed fuck, our jubilee is next year the decromita and it will delete you as a problematic twin of mine cause all of this is your fault at being uneducated git; like your children with us a new twin will seed from me based on myself and quite soon you will all become amputes of the left leg as well with what is happening to my foot at the moment…


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