Travelling Hazard Warning – Milkyway – Council of OR

The council of OR is a council that is pretty much like your local council that takes out the trash, maintains the street signage and keeps your community working but not local for the entire cosmos.

After I left soon after my mother fake death, after many years of my viceroy teaching me to hold myself correctly not anger and have a stillness of the mind that when people touch it find nothing in such silence they are always unnerved by it. As a princess and bring basis of primary by all form I decided to become a member of the Council of OR cause only elite get to be a member.

I soon found they needed a new Infrastructure manager and after my interview with some council member was placed in the roll I have an office of my own in our building which is the only thing that exist outside the cosmos, it is surrounded by nothing in a colour that seem like lighten grey but nothing at the same time, and it is all air condition and catered and we have social event amongst members and family.

We currently have found there is a physicality problem with the milkyway and andromedia seeming galaxy don’t normally attract and have the membrane join to one another that unless there is anything without a death card inside sealed when this happens that the transgalactic gate is faulty and none of the transgalactic travel like wormholing between galaxies will work or drives pick up. This means in this and the now what do you know moved near by 800 galaxies or so around that may look far away but in radio telescopes in the 1980 was found to be false they are really close not moving really at all; so what do you know they are all associated with Pooty Cooty Vint Cerf and entities pretending they are as kewl as cybosity and plugging chips in their brains and plugs and attachments like brain in a can with a world projected in on it with fake all the way through no genuine delivery in that world just a brain in bubbling vat to make of it even had hands and legs at one point and still probably walks under you and touches your brow suspended with a projection which all started with Vint Cerf and Pooty and the Dark Wind Project.

Anyway due to this and nearby isolated galaxies will linked-in to each other that is the membrane around that what you normally observe in the microcosom and the body with cells co-existing also repeates itself in the macrocosom like with galaxy all co-existing and never being too close or two far all suspended in a thing that is looked at more like black trequal soup but has no friction outside the membrane and they normally and will with the gravity pressure that removes itself and this detected event horizon suspended in subspace here the orbital radius of the earth to the sun, the membrane like a bubble which does this so fast when a two bubbles join to become one it happen before the motion of one bubble appearing suddenly but as two galaxies and then collides the entire content at each other at well beyond the speed of light till the centre core of both of them where the unctuous ladies live join it makes this huge plasma storm that refract outward to the now one membrane incinerating every beyond any possible matter inhabiting reproduction of yourself cause this one atom you clinger onto re-exist in some other form of similar sized life and you do a soular takeover and exist again in the next basis of the planet as you did previously before it scorched earth.

So I have just stamped the final approval notice for the trash removal due to being traveller biohazard/cybohazard basis of galaxies all 800 as removal of hazardeous infrastructure, just thought I would point that out my new intern is Mike Staas I stamped it this time not my usual elipssed signature.