Best time to develop software; all environment especially Credit Unions & Funds & Ledgers!

Most companies don’t realise this about software development but normally your development house should be kept in a separate building structure than the rest of the office and business environment, often this will fit into any medium or large house in a correctly zoned area, this is to kept the development environment biosound/cybosound, and normally they have to abstain from alcohol but general narcotics like marijuana is fine almost preferred to separate them from the physical abstraction layers in this office.

The other thing is it should be only done after sundown, this is because there is a lot physical less energy in the streets and in the air from the sun for example to cross across and hold the programmers in a DJ action with the media and environment they are in, normally you would also have to make a centralised media store in something like for your developer to move all the media they have in the home and office to external on service’s on the web as we have found exploits in this in energy and media that result in versioning and none autonomous coding to work as designed.

Of course being an after sundown event you will need a fridge full of drinks and a freezer with microwavable meals as there will be no way they can go out for lunch, just with the management staff, it is also good to keep the support department in a physical structure away from any dev/networking environment as they are often pass the job on when they don’t want to do the research for a problem or the bug ticketing system.