Don’t own any bricks and morta as the designer of the internet – Shame!

As the designer of the internet there is a series of articles that have been on my passport since 1986 (Password: obfuscate) which is on this passport:

The posts that where made via Star Fleet Command BBS (Cherrybrook) as well as Pooty’s BBS (Newtown) on comp.protocol which have never been renumerated in anyway nor the system operators of the BBS’ being used see this is my account as of today as the Main Internet Founder – Vint Cerf Boss basically:

Basically the world IT and financial structure has never even in the slighest contributed to Chronolabs Cooperative or me financially for designing the internet and look like a group of dodgy fuckwits; that have no basis of function in contribution or renumeration for services rendered to them.