My Kitchen Rules + Currency in a dish ~ what is meant by this? #MKR

See the basis of the metric of monetary exchange in this world is currency which is plural for a type of sultana called a black-current; plural of this is currency or black-currency; this came up on #MKR when I hash tagged something that the judges say saw online seeming I have a reasonable following more than the average news presenter anyway.

See judging by the amount of dust on the Ribenna in the supermarket nobody possibly in the Object Ordinate society here being a basis of currency can actually see them as a bottle cordial that neither comes out correctly in self consumption basis of currency being the metric exchanged for it that means it comes out too sour or sweet not quite right as it is.

See in self consumption part of what I have watched #MKR is any recipe combinations that are quite the impossible in self consumption for what I know about the judges and perception of a dish, normally you would find pouring Ribenna on jelly it will make in self consumption the jelly lumpy, currency is hard to cook with even fruit pudding requires it, there was a pastelo bread for a dessert a number of weeks before that also need currency in it standard preparation but I see none..


3 thoughts on “My Kitchen Rules + Currency in a dish ~ what is meant by this? #MKR

  1. Well Mano, I will tell you what I find really disturbing… I can’t find a single butcher in my entire precinct that has rabbit skinned and gutted whole I wanted to prepare Rabbit+Potatoes+Leek soup which is absolutely diviner and how Potatoes+Leek soup is prepared not even the woolworths has it at all and they are meant to have all the ingredients for modern cooking…

    Rabbit is an essential item on anyone menu; you see delivery trucks with Pork, Beef, Chicken, Rabbit on them but go to the butcher and they have absolutely none; the other disturbing thing is the people that call Cow = Beef –> Beef comes from buffalo and is game meat like kangaroo it isn’t cow and I haven’t been served a single beef steak or roast yer yet!


  2. Well Rabbit isn’t a game meat; it is an essential dietary staple, bit like a sort of pheasant/quail meets beef and or cow; in texture it normally falls apart when eating it when cooked correctly and rabbit like around the cosmos there is err yer very similar animals found everywhere.

    It contains essential proteins and nutrients that are not found really anywhere else and essential in teen and infant development…


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