Angel Montgomery – My Identical Twin

Whether people are aware of this or not Angel Montgomery from the Inner West and yes the same one as trafalgah st house is my identical twin, this entire planet is designed to be her own personal prison camp in a debauch study we have both been used in, where I was originally on a parrallel planet also called earth where for every individual they had a peer with an identical name and designation.

See here is a photo the only one I have from my childhood you will see how identical we look, I have been raped that is why I look male at the moment:

See we are not from around here we are both believe it or not aliens, and your entire planet I will be make a diplomatic sanctioned killing of for no follow through which co-inside with the proximity of me to it.

Whether you know this or not in the header you will see the similar ear is a photo of what your species combined with the sasquatch is engineered from a plebian, the parrallel planet was also called earth and is being faked it no longer exists.. I was never born in hornsby, annette roberts who is impotent has never once given birth to me or any of the children that exist on the basis of this passport which normally reads DOB: 1/1/1901 –> they purely exist for the functions of fraud and money laundry.

But like you find on the passport with DOB: 1/1/1901 on this one is articles what I designed the internet or better known as the transnet, this one even though is purely for the purpose of ripping you and your plebian master of every shred of information they have or have plagarised over the course of history.

I have aquired a 50Mt nuke from the USA Embassy Sydney and placed it a number of years ago in the foot locker amplifier that will generate a shockwave so large it will burn and destroy the entire quadrant of this galaxy, that is all.. Nighty Night!