Clinicial Depression ~ A Solution for those looking for a cure!

Most people wont realise this especially if your from NSW but I am also a medical doctor in psych as a psychiatrist passed with RMIT, I also have a provider number can write scripts and so on, my thesis in psych was on clinical depression and bush remedies for it and we found an actual cure in our case study for some of our clients that was really ground breaking work.

Something i know my twin is dealing with is clinical depression; cause her has not turned up at my door and normally like myself very happy-go-lucky is probably in some dark cloud of the mind and I will for you angel provide you an ethnobotanical solution that will make you right as rain, see all the drugs for depression available on the market are only a placebo something that rights the problem by masking it nor solving it, and I know I have suffered from depression myself where you blame yourself for so many things that are never your fault but you dress them up in your mind as if they are and that leads to further depression.

See medicine in the last 40yr has lost track of it roots and foundations in ethnobotany and largely the chemicals they use currently are only placebo or a basis for generating wealth for a pharmaceutical company, not a solution, if the chemical compounds they use and I can even tell you how to make a proper ethnobotanically derived antipsychotic from hemp and the antipsychotic that is in it called CBA, but for the moment I am here to deal in depression, and that is simply Australia native emblem acacia.

All you need to do is have acacia tea a large sitting of three times a day and you will find in 5 – 7 weeks your depression is cured and it isn’t the minute traces of 5meoDMT which is an active meta for the actual chemical that is also provided in acacia for depression, that is my knowledge but you need a tea straining plunger and a handful of acacia bark obtusofolia is the best but any acacia will do; and be care harvesting the bark cause acacia can be susceptible to bacteria infections when you remove the bark below to the trunk level; then simply with a handful of bark place in the tea pot strainer plunger and let to draw for 10-15m then drink you can also add sugar and milk if you want but you will find it has a very palatable smokey flavour, do this 3 times a day at the most finishing the pot of tea and you will find you depression depending on the acacia being used completely cured in 5 – 7 weeks.

You get around 5 draws from the bark and you only need a cup handful in the plunger so don’t be afraid to super does yourself on the tea and have more than in the morning, during mid day sun and before bed, you will not be able too hurt yourself having natural from the source…