Janssen-Cilag how to make a none placebo ethnobotanical derived antipsychotic in some easy steps

See the thing about an ethnobotanical derived medicine is they are like a language translate to the compounds from doctor to patient no matter what the species or race even like myself like it says on my passport, I am an alien which none of the chemical are designed for me and I can’t seem to make NSW health stop prescribe me as a psycharist for what I don’t have as an alien a mental at all to be unhealthy.

See the few of us that are in society have a problem with the food and drink manufacturing that they are not really designed for us see this is my crytocrome displacement where all humans like the food additive have 2*D6 active which all the pharmaceuticals and drugs all require to motabolise and lock to the correct proteins, see when my species travels we always look like and largely cause of this test as the species we are around etc except at enzyme and motabolism normally see this is from my CYP450 test:

See how I only have 2*D1 + 2*D2  that is a blatant result showing I am not from around here as everything even the animals on earth have *6. This is why largely a few of us smoke weed/hemp as it has a combustible and digestible anti-psychotic in it known as the chemical CBA.

When you are making an ethnobotanical substance or medicine it is very simple as there is a largely complex chain of chemicals in the source that only stably stick together as a group it can be hard finding the method of gluing these together but as a anti-psychotic it is very easy, you simple and these three have different application but are all an antipsychotic, take MDMA, Mescaline or Methamphetamine and remove the beta block from it this is the part of the chemical equation that produces the reaction of the hallucinogenic action of taking them you will then find something like CBA will simply lock into place being meta-instantiation of each other as ethnobotany that is both occur in nature in the jungle and forest of the world of this and form three major components of an antipsychotic that will translate to all walk of life as ethnobotanical derived substances do, being transdictual to the person or animal taking it.

This antipsychotic can be with the methamphetamine ingested through vapour and is normally for children, adolescents and largely a cure for a wide sweeping mental health issues like ADHD and so on, the MDMA which still warm the belly is for adult and seniors and the mescaline version which is a problem in manufacture as it requires a developer to make that is hideously explosive but would be the best base as in all the chemical ranges it is none corrosive to the body. See treating mental health really is backwards at the moment you absolutely need a hallucination of some type to cure this issue and as an antipsychotic I hope you either by the rights not plagiarise me from this blog.

Well Jannsen-Cilag myself and Steve Ransome are the only two people on the planet that know how to make mescaline in crystal form ~ partly cause I came in contact with the only written copy of the instructions in getting about at one point, it is a highly volatile reaction involving a very explosive developer and some base ethnobotanically from cactus seed for the developer and Kevlar piping.. my own pattern, the developer which involves UV exposure will explode in the barrel if a naked flame exists within 500 – 800m of the container… It something that would be ideal to replace in the base of chemical medicine as mescaline is not corrosive and none invasive method of chemical dosing it is the ideal component in any medicine manufacturing for base level neuron and protein bonding…