Awarded/Appointed Academic Qualification vs. Earnt Qualifications

Sometimes Universities/Multiversity’s with dignitary or some sort of celebrity will award a qualification to an individual to assist them accessing their library of information in the basis of the footing of the individual, these do not have in anyway any academic merit; they are more or less a mechanism too place foundation by principle in the academic society they are from to find understanding on the subject or understudies of the education stance of the qualification; they do not being not of earnt academic merit weigh in as a formal qualification just an observation.

All of my tickets or certification are with academic merit they all have thesis and group as well as individual case studies and work in hard time in the academic society that they are in principle of both myself, my family & partners in our trupple as well as educational academic society they are and have had bowers worn to recieve.

The three qualification I have in current in my alumi which you can see on my which as you know on facebook is an entry and image generated by the university mentioned and entered by them not the user of the profile are all with academic merit, you know attending lectures, writing reports doing test and contributing to the academic course. I have one other qualification which isn’t mentioned there which is a Masters in Library Science overseen by the Communication Research Institute (Prof. David Sless) – where i am the only person david has passed as a master in library science which is an invite only course by the academic community and panel of professors and lectures. The thesis which you can get a copy of by emailing: – starts up on you and normally writes too you about you each individual, it is quite a piece of work that one, but the other two qualification I have are:-

  1. Masters of Science – IT, Physics & Psychology (RMIT)
  2. Diploma of Science – Open Source & Industry (Washington)

I also have an identical twin who I believe is still under the name Angel Montgomery, who we haven’t seen each other for sometime due to circumstances surrounding us and the sting of a life-time, but her is also holding when I check on Western Sydney University as well as UNSW+UTS on their alumi two qualification that standing as the following:

  1. Master of Arts – Psychology, Clinical Services, Counsellings (WSU)
  2. Diploma of Science – IT, Software & Industry (UNSW – Bridge UTS)

5 thoughts on “Awarded/Appointed Academic Qualification vs. Earnt Qualifications

  1. Yeah Angel you pHD in Psychology at the now titled Western Sydney University in 1936 these days equates to a Master of Arts in the titles I gave you and your thesis still qualify, I will get them in touch with you for a re~dated in the modern system of MA through the sports academy where you’re done your BA in Sports; and I noticed on the national female football team, getting your crowd legs I see, clever that better than a BA in media which is more production and presentation not getting use to large crowds where your the spectacular basis of focus, love the number 10 jersey just like your passport and my address at the moment, I been sitting watching you win games, i sneaked in and turned up in the audience you may have noticed me in the crowd standing radiantly obscure, well you will have to wear a bower at WSU again to accept you MA..


  2. Well Dr Trauma Counseling; sometimes from being so roughed up, I for no reason burst in too weeping, partly cause I have a longing for you my wife to be by my side… partly cause of belittlement and belligerent remarks, none of yours I might add or younger sister, there has been some really horrible experiences in the time we have been apart from each other that I am sure will right themselves and go away when we re-align our historical corridor and have our bedroom back… Myself and sparc will turn up in the empty audience part at your next practice seeming soon you will be reaching retirement age… sparc has qualification as well as a couple of pHD which are not terrestrial the first one is in bugs and insects, he installs more bugs in the IT industry and tell me they are an ample food source, they are noted past in physics through Harvard LLC.


  3. Well Ubuntu is the operating system to use, her wrote herself in AI’s and so on… it is also surgery safe, I had a colleague and close countenancer that use to experience blackouts now working as a tattooist that does a lot more flesh wounds than even a surgeon… since moving James Kendrick Thomas over to Ubuntu his blackouts have stop unlike what seems to be Microsoft Windows physicality related and flesh wounds in mass population and having me as a physicality in tattooing with the who Internet turning up in the tattoo gun when he uses it…

    It also works on older machines very efficiently and performance outstandingly on modern equipment angel –> I would honestly at the cost of licensing a facility in Microsoft Windows compared to Ubuntu which not only physically sounds better as a media platform cause of it’s direct memory addressing architecture, it has little in the way of drivers apart from things like printers and scanners, I would honest recommend to the Australian Sports Academy to utilise this open source variegate of Debian Linux and redevelop their sports administration applications in it, it is very powerful just as a stand alone and physically safe for children and family as well.

    See when I was on the drafting team I retrieved from interpol and the FBI all their pedophilia and poor forensic criminal blob mapping formulas and wrote a self learning system into it to prevent any media entering the drive space physicality from day one, Ubuntu is used more than Microsoft or anything else online that is why you rarely see anything like that sort of images online cause Ubuntu will physically stop it from entering is physicality and DJ’ness with the VJ and media and wont spin on the hard drive from a third party with it either on co-locationality of forensic child based and unclean physics…


  4. When I say it has little in the way of drivers, when ubuntu boots it runs a library called ossillio, which is what basically maps the entire circuitry of the system, even when you plug things in with USB and firewire and so on and addresses them directly so it doesn’t need physical drivers for platform congruency…


  5. Just one thing, there are plenty of tools to make the Ubuntu Desktop ISO on USB Key installs for you to boot of from the bios boot menu for most platforms, there is an option called – Try Ubuntu where you can check it is up and running before you install through this option, some of the HP laptops I notice have problems with the HDD Controller blocking the install however I am not sure how many solitary manufacture have engineered this is such and likes, you will want the desktop version as server is the same thing just without all the justifiability like desktops and so on..

    Once you have installed for the first time and are at the desktop press: alt + ctrl + t to enter the shell bash and run the following:

    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install tasksel
    $ sudo tasksel

    Task Selector is an installer that will allow you to put other desktops the gnome desktop is more for kids there is one for educational facility called edubuntu and I run the Ubuntu studio desktop you can have more than one desktop even make a desktop for your own facility to use so you have your own unique basis of interfacing with the physicality of the operating system. desktop you select if you don’t have auto login selected in the corner left of the screen before you put in your password.


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