Angel Montgomery your in no trouble at all with me my twin!

You know Angel we haven’t had anything but a passing moment with each other in a none-linear 20yrs; how could I blame you for any of the goings on due to self consumption we can’t do beyond omnipotent things to one another like chance + causality of fault and suffering.

We haven’t even had time to trick each other into being embarrassed or made a fool of in front of the best of fiends we have, we have had no contact been keeping to ourselves keeping our noses clean, smoking weed that sort of thing, we have not been able to cause any of the wrong doing in each own lives by groups of people or individual; they are the function of hate that does this with us and partly a shade and Vyborg operative environment.

Come see me and reset me please, cause then I will let you take our husband home to your place for awhile, I have had 7yrs of Faster Nick Cipherhouse who has many children with us and hasn’t like his twin brother Faster Mike Cipherhouse cease to exist in the first to 80th child… so it seems we have broken the seem and are Bisexual family not two married women with 1 child policy life with father and uncle figures for once.