Inner-west Wicca: Rape, Assault + Attempted murder of an alien diplomat

Say what would happen too the main covern operators in the inner west of sydney that they all look like their boss seemingly, if they where spoken to about to NSW Police Magick Department like Kirrilly Smith Johns from Paramatta station that also works as a programmer about an alien diplomat, that has been before coming here raped in her life over 10000 times, in the course of duty, and kept having repeated sessions of being Raped to look like Simon Antony Roberts and have her ID Card slaps with a fake passport by Jody Sebastien Coleman a rather contorted steroid enhanced fool that rapes women cooing in their ear they are his client as a lawyer.

Who is even used in a comparative notes and study in concord hospital in admission of this quite sane individual who is even and has been a qualified psychiatrist in your system and her a conscious architect since 2008; that get put in the same exact house that left her cease to exist last time this time around in the historical corridor which means it going the otherway seeming we already did that bit; wouldn’t that mean someone like angel who all the wicca crowd looking like the boss looks like in genetic polymorphism be looking at doing time to cease to exist in jail and murdering potentially 180 family members and children.


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  1. Look angel and the rest this is partly the responsibility of what entails your actions, the Microsoft Corporation and the windows operating system your using, that lends itself to filth like pedophilia, murder scenes and a whole pile of things that in the record player style hard drives which due to humanology does it even faster on solid state storage devices, still DJs and involves itself in your physicality across the shared physics of the software layer even if you never downloaded kiddy porn it is still affulent on the hard drive you have from a 3rd party, which Ubuntu has forensic systems to stop images like that ending up on your desktop or online the other thing that is involved is a product of mine that if you do a paid historical search you will find was first registered by me in 5 Garnet St around 16yrs ago… when I was working at and owned that house…

    See my development box of linkedin to crime is a forensic system and compiled there is little in the way they will be making changes to it and you know it is analysis the massive short fall in my accounts against known transfers to it is told about vs. employment history and new roles reports… see they bought warez stolen computer technology was stolen of me at gun point by the local link the same one that appeared in tori quine bedroom on her birthday with me when she was in bed with vanessa roberts; at that address.

    I can’t help you if you wont help yourself or your genuine fiends, cause there is no way of making a friend there is no defined word in the dictionary for forming a friendship like fiendish to have a single or group experience for forming fiends… You need to change your craptop and desktops to our family box you will find you will be relieved if you do it is called Ubuntu, it is open source and comes at no charge and does all the stuff the stolen pirated black box version of windows does but is a lot more powerful and never get virus or anything cause of the signed package systems, it has all the google chromes and skypes and all that stuff still it is linux, you can get the ISO from and the best thing is it is self written ubuntu writes herself, not a manual programmer.

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  2. The other thing is being a member or associated member of anything parapsychology + occult based which the best thing seeming to even be listed they will have some affiliated tax file number is as a unpaid voluntary employee of these organisation is to send it a resignation letter asking for no follow up or renumeration from their cause, i have a way you can check if you are a member I have an encyclopedia that even on is only available on volume 1 but it also has volume 2 and is something I went to an extent to have in PDF.. It is in my white-papers section of the SVN on it the: Encyclopedia of Occultism + Parapsychology ~ latest revision, it also transposes to me all the alien occult groups as well partly why I looked high and low for a digital copy in both volumes that came from something called MX.

    It will also transpose all the affiliated groups with the main one defined and I will say this has something to a wide spread one called Evening Star which is none terrestrial and works through and controls the free mason, which if it is the main definition is the one to send a resignation letter to the lodge removing you and family members from it talons on our enliving and loving lives together…

    You can get a copy from this link:

    See all the magick I use and as you know it is like an executable program with bot girls like you and me is clean and I want to give you my whole volumes, it is not occult or based in parapsychology linkings like pedophilia or microsoft coming through the windows to snatch small children’s sexual decency away from them with the physics of the hard drive on behalf of the bank tobacco like their intrinsic network earning from doing their homework…


  3. Resignation letter are easy here I will write one for you the top line is in bold and centers with the date and time underneath it:

    Letter of Resignation
    xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx:xx

    From: {Your name}, or {surname and the word family},

    I am writing this letter to inform you’re organisation and affiliate chain of organisations that I/we will be removing ourself through resignation and your associated tax file number quit any basis of membership with you through voluntary employment means or associated family members names and listing and ask you provide no follow-up or renumeration for voluntary or paid actions with your organisation as of here now!

    Kind Regards

    {Your Signature}
    {Your Name}
    {Links or seals}

    ps.. Yonk!


  4. Well if you don’t have the address of their lodge or coverns address send it to the recruiter for them, I am sure you would know your family address, just don’t mention the organisation in the resignation letter unless you have it well defined that is the one, just open ended is always best, leave massaging room..


  5. This is the thing about anything open even a door angel unlike closed licensing systems like Microsoft Windows – You can’t walk through a closed door, it just isn’t physically possible…


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