Friendship has never existed and can’t be formed ever!

You know this is the most haunting thing that reoccurs throughout the entire near basis of language at least around these parts where I am, its this thing call friends, having a friendship, there is no conjunction of a verb that is the doing word to have a group or singular experience with anyone unlike fiend which is a fiendish experience you form fiends with.

Even having an experience through diplomatic friendship between countries in the pub or a sexual friendship with a backpacker isn’t possible cause having a diplomatic friend isn’t functionally possible the flaw even in any contractual arrangement is the contract couldn’t or agreement be formed in the first place cause there is no function of language to bind between two or more of you in diplomatic circles.

There is no word in the entire dictionary defined for having an experience with someone to have a friend in the first place, sweet absolutely nothing, so if someone says to you they are doing something cause they are your friend it is a write off you never could of especially if your what they call around here a former or by form every had an experience on the serbal cortex on contextual references for that person to even be a friend with you cause there is no adjective/verb unlike having fiends to form this thing called friendship… This also come back to partners and partnerism they don’t have any basis of forming the friendship to be a loving partner with you.. these humans.