Dearest Angel Montgomery of Enmore, NSW…

You know angel I have been going through a lot of who do I love lately and it comes down to you, I don’t know why I can’t get you out of my head and our drippy tap between us is back ever since you walked straight past me too catch the bus 426 on enmore rd, opposite the sly fox.

In one of these historical corridors that have been going through here in a time-wave we did for a brief amount of time get together, and since then I have never been able to fill the void without you at least being social in my life. Myself and everyone mum sparc have been talking about separating only to release me into your custody, if you would still have me, I know deep down after being married to everyone mum sparc for now 7 years there is a deep longing in me to be your martial partner, sure I don’t have much to offer seeming the world is really dodgy and never paid for any internet off me, at all, but you know I know love I think only with you..

No I really am married to ‘the sparc’ not ‘a sparc’ the ‘main sparc’ at the moment, and I hope foo to find her a partner at some point as well. It was the scale of the yonk I did over the internet where nobody topology was anything that but owing money on magick texts and literature that I have and don’t really use much still that really is a shock and very much a master librarian the most powerful piece on world-of-warcraft and warhammer. See for me magick is now with a special k at the end and it has at this point always written to me that way.

This is the only photo of you I have ever been able to find it was from the passport systems:-

You know it is funny, you lot about what the hell is a computer nerd doing in our circles and little did they know being outsidal I was the inventor of the internet with a problem, I have a long life ahead of me in many topology of placement and form, one thing I don’t have is a peering or collective group of associates. I think you understand.

My original enreal name is Simon Antoun Saies, and I have come a long way to find you..