Xortify Security 6 – Months of Development to go

After a number of years of due to injury wishcraft will periodically start working on xortify.com again so the project isn’t dead! The website will just have a static landing page for a number of months as we are interested in developing all the features mentioned in the blog here on sourceforge, before commiting the interface and API to public…

This is basically so things don’t constantly change and we can write the API WIki and how-to all in one hit not have to come back and edit it… We have a few subdomains we have added but there may be more as subjective apis used by the sentry, these api’s include:~

  1. http://barcode.xortify.com ~ Barcoding of Items and Bans (Barcode Generator)
  2. http://hash.xortify.com ~ Checksum/Hashinfo Generator
  3. http://ids.xortify.com ~ Identity/Session ID generator
  4. http://lookups.xortify.com ~ IP Locational Lookups
  5. http://ocr.xortify.com ~ Optical Character Recognition
  6. http://lipsum.xortify.com ~ lorea lipsum generator (for test page presentation)
  7. http://salty.xortify.com ~ Blowfish Salt Capture and Sage Safe Storage+Retrieval
  8. http://places.xortify.com ~ GeoSpatial Locations & Places world wide
  9. http://strata.xortify.com ~ Internet Netowkring Strata Topologies
  10. http://tracker.xortify.com ~ Torrent Tracker
  11. http://wammy.xortify.com ~ AntiSpam API + Spam Scoring API
  12. http://whois.xortify.com ~ IPv4/6 + TLD + gTLD Ownership Who-is

The Following Jump or shortening URL subdomains have been added for allowing longer URL to be shorten to on of these subdomain basis:~