Gay marriage in the chronowealth & trinity

Believe it or not gay marriage is a topic that comes up from time to time and isn’t legislation in Australia, but it is in Australien regions as the following, couples and what I am a trupple in a trinity can consider the following gender combination being properly paired that is two men, two women and when enzyme and blood confirm a trinity of two women and one man often this is only with identical twin women and one twin male…

See I am known to be that crass vindictive word much like fuck or cunt called an actual lesbian, that is women that normally produce twins that makes babies with each other doing what normally not for show or parade but standing as a guy/king like I have been doing all throughout this historical corridor since being raped by a lawyer cooing he was my legal aid pin down outside the housing complex on Illawarra rd, called over steroid enhanced: Jody Coleman – the day after I surfaced from another british debarckle mine and prince harry wedding as then stephane rose cipher, at the address I sm at now dressed up as a houso they acquired off me in the past as an abandoned property after I was violently bashed for not selling up to the housing department of NSW…

See mine and my twin sister Oopty, had two loving girls that look like adults still right now but are still seeming we are teen mums still with a temperament of a 15yr old with a carbon date stamp so far in the past it predates this entire multiversity and it been our first chance to have kids as we ovulation only started recently in all that time..

Funny thing is myself and my twin normally love love looking identical we are normally very competitive with it, but our two twins like all our kids as we still haven’t had our truppling has some one the child Buddha that genetically tests as thee father which I’d hate to tell you is who stands as my wife currently called: Elpiniki Iosif – which down a long list of lesbian remotely provides the basis of X & y crozones without being involved in a long line of sexual intercourse…

Unlike myself my twin had server postnatal depression and any conditions like this with omnipotent entities and we are beyond this causes really odd behavior like completest to beyond out of character. Which I fear my wife from Pooty’s BBS ( newtown ) the sysop there is lost to her family, needs what I discovered in my master thru RMIT 2008 in Bush Remedies for Mental Health just a few weeks of acacia bark tea will cure but the mental scars her will need to deal with as well as physicality issues I fear is, *sob* having children is in it own cursed..

So Oopty your engagement ahh okey tell you what is going to happen around 30m before I do is sounded, everyone in the wedding reception skin is going to boil in boils till they physical explode in gibs of bloody liquid, it is something called bæth or bæthing and it is a curse that predates us, caused by two male twin nobels who like any male married twin finds they tend to get their brother spouse pregnant and do a wife swap, anyway when he found his brother had gotten his wife pregnant he tied him down in a bath and filled it with firebugs an insect that still around now that shoots hot liquid and gas from his abdomen, where everyone except our children even communiters that come in contact with wedding reception will bæth except with me and unquestionably how I met SPARC much the same happen to him as he witnessed with me form who I believed I felt love with, but is not true!


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