Crimes you can be guilty of in a stateless galaxy

For starters the milkway and andromeda everywhere the website to crime is featured have been barred and diplomatically isolated from the intergalactic senates that represent them normally and help. Their feeds have been placed to them in a state of a garbled response directly relating to myself in a total of 1998 galaxies all human assets or part of the supply chain and a basis including this one the milkway.

If you look at the public crime forensic service to crime it is currently a crime to even be employable or have a job let alone being able to own land or be some stature with-in them. Not only is star fleet counterfiet here it is a system of roles and video from a previous cosmos that was destroyed by human presence and the basis of the crime of which the soular principles of this are concurred in. The avatars responsible for this have had in the wheel-of-life a rebirth in this point of history yet again at earth the place occupied by the human condition too really place evidence that they are as they define themselves even to the public on this bill of rights they occupy nothing more than a herd animal with being a being only, not even sentient like a cat or dog but nothing more than a being something that needs to be put in a paddock to munch grass like a cow.