My Intellectual Property + The Internet

Well if you look at my passport M8747409 you will notice I have the rank in the military internationally as the: Main Internet Founder – Seeming both the military and domestically evidently forgot to make any sort of payment to have their data and information online you can see this in the evidence that I live in a department of housing unit only earning 20 AUD a day, it is assume that the entire user and fallout of the internet haven’t paid a single cent to have their information data or IP online and it is all a shadow typing and keying of my own IP.

So for my pHD I will be submitting a near infinite number of pages essay called – The Internet – I would like to as a disable person that is allow to have their essay typed and keyed for them thank you all for preparing me such a wonderful report me containing only my IP and not yours and I will be retracting all the IP you have as my own even the ability for consciousness.


One thought on “My Intellectual Property + The Internet

  1. Well Vint + Kirrily + Emma that thing that kept always existing with the internet that has a few companies in good assisting me with tertiary education as a disabled, over IP Law looks like it wont be existing for much longer, shame vint and his attitudinises have been attempting to pay me all way through in things going on, guess they will have to be isolated and brought with me in making a dieing exit to the land of goldern toilets and throwns, and that thing about it IP with IP Solicitors and so on wont me or vint be ever seen again in trusty old Dr Rod Mass Suicide Gas being vented globally at the moment..


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