Epistemic Fiscal Paedophilia Network the IT Industry

When I was a wee young tike with either being an adult child as a well beyond even a deity somewhere from beyond transcendence’s I still obeyed and conformed to the life of a child, when I was 13 I was using BBS Systems and dial up modems and eventuated on comp.protocol to design the internet, this is where I first encountered the name vinton cerf, who agree to be for no more till I was the age of 30 to be the mascot for the internet and like it still recorded on my passport to pay my minor due which works out only 50c to every 20 USD earned in blackcurrant 55 tone contain of replicate ration per every whole number in that currency no matter what country of issue which is all you will get on the intergalactic market for currency no matter what you argue, it will even be mined off you that it is only valued tokens for currency.

I till this day have not seen even a $1 for internet technology pass my hand, in fact quite the opposite even having physical unions formed around me to stop me even receiving the normal human service centerlink allowances, where the government actively goes out of it way to prevent me even having a domestic link to the internet only mobile tether; where it seems impossible for me to even make a salary in the IT Industry which solely basis itself in implementation by design, my design cause it never has released itself by cross my palm with my intrinsic network earnings to be outsidal of placement of my own intellectual property assets online physically with keyed entry points and wayline meters.

In fact I don’t think ICANN or Vinton Cerf even got my confide father to give them any guardianship consent to deploying my internet technology, and the whole thing is viewed largely as an epistemic abuse of myself physically as a child where adults are even able in my own childs language to produce on a completely different age and weight ratio my osity own technology like internet and transnetworking.