Lorne Hyde in a breif Summary!

Okey you all know about the fairy tale of Dr Jekile + Mr Hyde, about a monsterous hanous scientist that believes he is the only person that has the rights to changing shape and form and uses a none living nanotechnology to alter his body to allow him the ability to shape shift, this is none other than Dr Jeneki from Lindsey Madew Unit in hornsby hospital and still on the same depreciated passport system with the same passport number Mr. Lorne Hyde.

There is more to this Lorne murdered his own wife and two children to even get into the roll that lead to this he is also one of the liquidated terious corporation cheif scientist that for eons has entraped in a fixture my identical twin who we both being nobilities has use to prostate really horribly watered down clones as cyborgs as well as the root functions and causes of the suffering and why I also now contain not just light but a darker path, in fact the darkest there is in black magick.

In fact Lorne now is only an undentity a tool of mechanism for prostating the impossible borg ank, the very systems of government and stature the enliving side cease to exist within the collapse of this matter in this multiverse, only sustaining the galaxies containing the higgs particle amoungst a sea of nothing at the time. he has dressages him self to always be pleasant all all the butter possible that would never melt in anyone mouth with candy floss and sugar apples… But in fact there is only 3 words that describe Lorne Hyde: Monstrous Zealot Heathen and a butcher of the sancity of life and breast and truth of living worlds.