Angel + Delihia in your accential quest your a bit off target with penny and me!

See we don’t have this with penny cause her isn’t logged into the system we have on jacking and having a birth, we get a video of our children previous last two births with history of their past lives and species in the wheels-of-life, look angel and delihia we know you are the romulan witherian assassins.

In angel + delihia previous birth just before this one was on an altar, and their mother throats where slit during birth and the baby died suffocated in the utrius, there is someone that looks quiet like kirrily smitheram in that video performing the ritual, might put it on

See angel you have never seen me and penny pointed ears, they are ribbed and go above our heads like really the tallest, each of us have one difference looking like that my ears are docked cut down the center left + right side which is this type of fear dark mage in elven things that sort of thing you normally move out of your home and town if one moves in, but I am the primary basis of nobility princess version of that mage, believe me me and my twin are worse than vigor from ghostbusters.

And angel + delihia pointed ear is romulan, with the bell ribbing.



  1. Well in this repeat of the left side, oh btw my ears aren’t docked as in the triangle docker for magick criminals just cut off the low left lobs with the sign of the traitor was the left side, with my ears cut down the center that all happened with me after being deserted just after marry angel montgomery in hyde park she vanish to be rapped and enjoy it all night in a hotel room as my wife while I walk through the streets of sydney in my wedding gown only to be 3 blocks from hyde park and have my throat slit with a rusty stanley knife while being rapped, ever since then I like to thank you for teaching me everything there is to yonk or know about being marcarb matricious sinister sadistic with a sense of satire of course too in the most humble way possible with all the cream and pleases and thankyous…

    So you faked the nuke that made the shockwave as well as faking the blackhole experiment for the scrubber cause penny was screaming: Simon you never gave me a chance to tell you with my own voice! as this giant half a light year in length shockwave visual came toward the planet where it is autumn this is charmagalm the princess, this penny, this pooty, this chantelle… all the same my identical twin..

    So I thought instead I would make a prenuptial with alesha – old mother nature, superhubert to select the lots of what coming too my new palace (new castle) and my partner a then minor spark particle now elected to the main sparc in here, and we would simply remove the basis of energy itself by dieing or vanishing to where I am from: Off the mapping construct, we have made our own multiversity…


    1. What happens when me and my prenuptial date elpiniki iosif the current main OO’ness by martial elect for the sparc particle the basis of energy in all cosmos and this one any intersecting lateral just suddenly left for a permanent tea break.

      Well there is this really loud Doof sound a moment later and every atom and particle shatters from the base up having no energy to support it structure, which the senates we work through permit me to do in the following demand: deliver my twin or I will replace her from the start of our existence!


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