Profiling enlisted – about myself mainly for once!

So what about me, myself, my profile and what I like, well I have been living in Sydney most of my life and I am nearing 40 solar cycles on this set of my passport which the serial number I generate myself which is: M8747409 – DOB: 08/12/1978; cause I am one of the founders of the internet, I was the person that put the design Vinton Gregory Cerf worked off through implementation by design as a small boy back in the 1980’s. I have lived through the early part of my life out of home age 17 and lived from warehouse to country doofimunies and community living as well as boarding houses, where I have been putting myself in that time of moving around through open university routed to rmit and doing it correspondence and so on.

I have since an early age been skilled and maintain current day trends in programming for nearly 30yrs testing and writing environments as well as business operations reporting documenting as well as new article topology. Since 2007 have been a member of and now hold rank on the project of a module developer under the username, wishcraft my other alias is mynamesnot or if special characters are allowed ways|: is one I also have been known to use.

I tend to have never used Apple machintosh or Microsoft windows using open source operating systems in my home and work environments, as I don’t need any game intensive graphical environments as an occupational code junky! The OS I is using at the moment and tend too recommend and suggest to people is : Ubuntu – which you can get the ISO from to install what I am running Ubuntu 17.04 (32 + 64Bit Enviroments) it has a clean physicality and doesn’t drive pedometers unlike the above mentioned, it is a variegate of Debian Linux.

I married around 9yrs ago to a Greek Girl; Elpiniki Iosif and as we are part of the internet community her like me is quiet squeaky clean and clean living together, we only part take in narcotics once every week when my flatmate get paid Neil Watters and that really only cause we don’t drink alcohol in anyway, I view it like an infection motor mouth the earliest form of petroleum this alcohol and you get something like foot and mouth diease called motor mouth if you ever really even have it in your physicality and physical environmental.

We have two cats which are resque pets the mother of the two, Meow Meow Twerp as well as one of her two daughters that were born before they where all given the snip: Vincent Mozzerella Twerp [the kittens went to Cat Protection Society – Enmore].

We living in government housing in Marrickville South, NSW, Australia, and have our financies controlled for some reason via my mother-in-law. So we live on both of us an allowance of $20.00 per day → for some reason my mother-in-law got Elpiniki online shopping habit confused for narcotics, we actually spend little of our money if any on this, part taking in whatever comes by our own place and home (see photos below x 3).

So well I will leave it about there I know with the amount of reading we all do a breifed tight letter is always a pleasure, I hope to hear some form of correspondence and for me email or twitter (@SimonXaies) is always the best way of reaching me!