Letter to Rahn The Carpenter, likes that #Doof

So Rahn, like Lkrauss1 that asked to be written to the one thing that all doofs are missing I am sorry, but nobody has asked you ever in all this for 1, 2, 3 party award trophy awards stand board with backing Mandela of presentation slides, for the kiss from that surely a princess photo finish.

You can get trophies from that trophy shop near the pub, near the rear exit of dulwich hill in the inner west sydney, out to where that back pass to bankstown and king rd. Well if you want the number for that dude he has endless trophies with something dancing on it, in mega huge not so huge and what you describe third pezz one, to find the number google street map it is painted on the front still, or turn up, he will be there on the night to engrave in a beautiful script the names and so on if you provide some meth, is what he said to me last.