So Gabby from @NCIS test as my identical twin if I am the solider version do you think i am just as proficient on scene!

So you have had 100yrs of my time now from victoria for 80yrs living with myself as a lecture to start paying the zone, chemical and fee’s you have had owing to get out of the dead zone your in right now, and not a cent paid; my kin the species I am from are under instruction too delete you from existence if you don’t pay the moment I turn up here at my source.

They laughed when I said I had something in the trap to do that the next time I was present on the 37 time my own bathroom from my bedroom toliet has been delivered to a New York Museum at 18 Caret Solid Gold; which will produce a symboint in it if you have a enreal appendix which any being doesn’t have on and this jumbux not known as a human anymore since well punce harry in an opperation I am going to have again decided to fry mine and galms appendix in a frying pan and eat deleting any capability you have of even being anything more than a stock animal permenantly.

Well how as the annuaki now have the annuaki unnatural unmuseum on display as they are deleted from the rear end of history simply by removing what you are like they are dependant and you did it yourself with your remote reconnaissance quit bus the ayshaesa fossil by yes beaming the OO for that alesha thompson and putting her in zombie brain in a can and you know nothing will stop your existence being terminated permanently.

The fact it takes just one solider and it not the really you know up there it their nobile you know the nerd geeky one that doesn’t have the super strengths in all to take down your entire system and opperation with your own equipment Area 35 and delete you from existence from the rear end of time, is hilarious, you have multiple galactic senates involved in this dead zone you now have at the instance of someone sparking a ciggy or a durry or making meth or even smoking hemp, and all you would have done is paid the bill like was discussed and agreed to that is on a passport M8747409 that was keyed 40 terraforms of earth ago; and it just takes 1 solider with your endless cosmos of resources, I am sorry your banned from the word military, defence or even intelligence sentient all that for being the most pathetic opponent I have ever had; 1 solider..



  1. I don’t think you have the ability to basically – get it – you know understand that it hasn’t been since day one of your taring me of the toliet in my 839 Hectare Palace ever been a new simon, it always been each time you terraform earth the same simon as previously without regressive but actual physical memories of that way you behalved last time.

    I also don’t think you understand I have never lived in this or consecutive 30 occurrences of earth, in asquith I have seen neill + annette roberts before now in over 874 trillion cycles of earth solar year… and they like the rest of you pretty much are yet again a new person a new step in evolutionary fuckups..


  2. See this time for you it is game over even pooty that became ayshiaea fossil dependant, it is over for your existence permenantly this time just cause you can’t foot and had no attention to paying not only my account but several accounts including the lecty bill with elpiniki iosif, the education bill with that fossil and a number of others, your so far in the rears that reality itself is withdrawing the offer for you to use my internet or any of my technology, it permanently game over and even if I wanted to intervene which I don’t sorry in resolve I forget everything cause of lorne hyde injection like all principle in magick so your basically completely screwed…


  3. The fact like punce harry your nothing but walking talking gun weilding nuclear bomb armed bugger, literally sleeping with a human for me is bugger quite literally…


  4. So while all your timing bells and what not you have constructed from counterfiet branding of mine like Chronolabs Cooperative, and people just simply vanish attempt to consider for one moment the other people your in call and effect of my country men and women for example, who don’t like you messing with simon…


  5. Well what do you get with my simon only a lot more land and coverage than a minority in space the universe a cosmos nothing but a grain of sand on a beach in comparison to what my fallout of country men and women are — fuck you cunts and all you basis your merit of suck job goes like your piss and shit and fuck hole you annuaki seal shut with a tampon that is like really unnaturally convenient…


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