A whole new paradyme to the word: Sluts!

You know this realm of space brings about a whole new paradyme to the word slut, especially for the two that test as my identical twin sister and my sister – tori + pooty/penny. Not only have they or want to turn around and claim now I have significance for them just because I am the only option being a taboo lesbain penny has of falling pregnant with child and we would normally have twin girls as well first which is kinda why I haven’t resolved standing as a guy for so long seeming it me of the two that first has to be knocked up the duff; but it is penny escorting laws that really have me gob smacked, really does seeming the only other person the baron of this region of space has seen me with seeming I have been celibate for a very long time even be in what was assumed sexual relationship with is: Karen Leane Des the author of the DES algorithm that is centroidal to all functions of SSL Certificate signing, who account like mine doesn’t seem to be working seeming 3.50 USD would normally go to her as the agreement in the ciphers source code header per year per certificate, and she is working as a crackwhore escort to make it by somewhere in here, uncarded, under some other name probably even got traffick somewhere for all I know.

Funny thing is last time I had sex with penny as peta righnberg, which is why I really just avoided it totally her was on the recieving end really drunk on my jugs of illusion, like my breast nobody has seen or biten or even caressed or really done anything lesbian with at all, and out poped daisy + angel where I woke up at 4am in her bed looking like her and left knowing that not suppose to happen.

You know as a taboo lesbian this is how mentally ill people like penny really are, you never consider yourself single, you don’t have or are ever on the market for a date or a partner, sex isn’t pleasurable with  man or another girl, simply cause you only have one partner normally your identical twin sister, only!

Which means they are in my own mother who is a titan now not really as my mother but still who I view as that sasha, complete and utter write off that is all universal all cosmic all combination of the entire systems of deliverance where there will be no further reseed by torii on her side of our family as I am a taboo lesbian rather unusually with the flip in the shamonic quest we been on in here of any and penny left with a choice of none which means I would be it only partner it could have married to and you have to be martial to set off taboo breeding.