What’s Planned for Renderments.org with @OpenRend

We are currently planning renderments.org, it will have 6 primary account types which are:~

  1. Government Department Account
  2. Government Manager Account
  3. Government Staff/Cleric Account
  4. Political Leader/Minister Account
  5. Video/Print Media Account
  6. General Community Access Account

The Signup looks like the following form for the initial settings to signing up an account:

Once the account is signed up if they select option account types 1 – 3, then the next time they signup they have to join a business / department as the account manager or the staff account, they will be able too define a unix-name for the department / business say it is in the United States of America then they would have zone control of unix-name.us.renderment.org where they will be able to set zone delegations like cnames, a/aaaa records and so on as well as MX records, for sub-departments and so on, there will be four reserved keywords which is people.unix-name.us.renderments.org, profile.unix-name.us.renderments.org, mapping.unix-name.us.renderments.org as well as api.unix-name.us.renderment.org