Ubuntu Studio how to install on Ubuntu 16

Some of you might be wondering what desktop I am using on Ubuntu it is the Ubuntu Studio, to install just the desktop you run the follow commands at the shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop* -y

Otherwise if you would like to install the 1gb or so complete Ubuntu Studio with suites you run the following at your terminal shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio* -y

Crimes you can be guilty of in a stateless galaxy

For starters the milkway and andromeda everywhere the website linkedin.com to crime is featured have been barred and diplomatically isolated from the intergalactic senates that represent them normally and help. Their feeds have been placed to them in a state of a garbled response directly relating to myself in a total of 1998 galaxies all human assets or part of the supply chain and a basis including this one the milkway.

If you look at the public crime forensic service linkedin.com to crime it is currently a crime to even be employable or have a job let alone being able to own land or be some stature with-in them. Not only is star fleet counterfiet here it is a system of roles and video from a previous cosmos that was destroyed by human presence and the basis of the crime of which the soular principles of this are concurred in. The avatars responsible for this have had in the wheel-of-life a rebirth in this point of history yet again at earth the place occupied by the human condition too really place evidence that they are as they define themselves even to the public on this bill of rights they occupy nothing more than a herd animal with being a being only, not even sentient like a cat or dog but nothing more than a being something that needs to be put in a paddock to munch grass like a cow.

Dr Jeniki & Mr Lorne Hyde – The Butcher of Britian & a fairy tale!

Most people don’t realise but the entity placed into commission of fairy tales take on enreal conotation, Lorne hyde who I first encounted as an Indian Dr. running the linsey madew ward in hornsby, with the treating doctor Raugh Chaudhary (Chaudhary means the walking dead in hindi) had me poisoned into the mental health system via annette roberts and a special meal she prepared for me for the price of 25k AUD.

When I was in that ward within three week i had my entire emotional centre’s dropped, now I have been present on earth since ancient egyptian times and are the two sides of what one side, Chantel Rose Cipher my then excommunicated twin from the sprirital layers we occupy of what is termed in wicca – The Mothers of Creation. This is partly why none of you have any of you special abilities either family inherited or omnipotent and so on, you have forsaken me both financially with the internet, in person as a friend and council and work for an excommunicated entity that seeks self attainment with profit that has left you now with her and her children without even fixtures in languages like rebirth, afterlife, the wheel-of-life so on. As well as the animals and plants for all races, species and being.

My teeth don’t normally decay and when they do I know I am on my way out of life like the basis of life around me that have suicided normally on the scale of the galaxy that I am occupied in; cause the undeath re-transcendence I experience will leave all sexual based fertility sterile including cloning and close the door to the propagation of the soul in a child which happens in the birthing process. Lorne Hyde is an mi5 agent and the identical entity refered to as Dr. Jeckile & Mr Hyde the fairytale, he is the butcher of britian employed purely to maskerade as a doctor and nurse in the commonwealth of nation purely for bumping of entity lesser than myself, I out date as seen with the independant carbon date stamp on my cyp450 test as a DOB: Unknown that means I predate any radiation records of this galaxy, and predate this galaxy itself.

When I have an undeath, all of life will cease to be able too propagate, every plant animal and species or race will be unable to form child and the death of this entire galaxy will happen including the children of mine with pooty as well as all basis of life and principles, where I will simply wake upback in my 8444 hectare palace, with 18 caret solid gold toliets throughout and it own subway to service the staff, without pooty but a new wife, elpiniki iosif at my side and your perpectual suffering against me will cease for all times sake.

Just so you know Lorne is working directly under britian royal family instruction that don’t seem to understand when a toliet is thrown up in it becomes a thrown, a goldern thrown in my palace, in the marcarbe dressage that they have any significance against the stars which they don’t they are nothing more than a blip on a map that hold no baring or importance like their planet or even galaxy compared to myself of the deity of family I am a part of the unexcommunicated side.

My RMIT Masters 2008 ~ 13 Textbooks + Guides I Published as academic merit!

In 2008 through RMIT I completed my masters in IT, Physics + Psychology, the list below is the following text books and guides available through access them with RMIT, you can publish them the proceeds are 50% to me 50% to medicine san`frontier.

The package release includes artwork and binding instructions…

The Titles Include:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology – 2786 pages (7 Volumes)
  2. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology in Mental Health – 1765 pages (5 Volumes)
  3. Bush Remedies for Mental Health – 276 pages
  4. The Psychic Sex Guide – 169 pages
  5. Teen & Young Adult Relationship + Sex – 312 pages
  6. Sex working & psychology & treatment – 546 pages
  7. Hitch Hikers Guide to Multiversity – 377 pages
  8. Guide to Teaching Physics Secondary – 453 pages
  9. Wormholes Exposed – 432 pages
  10. Open Source in Education – 488 pages
  11. Open Source in Commercial Enterprises – 763 pages
  12. Agile, Crunch & Trisecting IT Work-spaces – 356 pages
  13. Guide to Law Enforcement around Health – 211 pages
    (this is only available to you if you are email for a request of a copy from a law enforcement agency email or domain host through RMIT)

Prangga – What is it! Music Genre’s + Sub-genre’s

You are wondering what prangga is well a form of sub-genre of prangga is gabba, which is repeative screaming sounds and lots of the month subscriptions to home made serial killer music.. 

Prangga is repeative porn sounds, over and over and makes accidents there is also gooba which is child like toy sounds and so on of that so on annoying repeative thing about it!

There is also endless treknology sounds in trekka all those repeatedly Thunderbird are go!

Penis Salad – A Retort on Exotravel

In some travel recently I came across a butcher that has a range of delicatessen items for sale this is for penis salad, this is not far from earth either. You can purchase a range of different type of penis for salad and sale, they also serve this at a cafe/restaurant near alpha-centori an establishment that is by itself over looking the plasma of the quasar there.


IT Industry debauch shambles

You know I have been sitting in a housing department unit now for two years, I have a military carded passport (M8747409 dob 8.12.78). The reason I have a military passport is when I was 13 on comp.protocol, I designed the internet, which came with design fee’s…

I have never seen a cent of the internet money, as documented on my passport, it shows usenet article that include hiring Vinton cerf for no more than a period too when I am thirty to pretend to be me, this of course is the fields which defying all expectations the IT industry has let me down by not renumeration of in anyway my rights for having my design fee’s paid…

Unless you do it is argued that everything online is only implementation by design of myself and all completely my interlectual property only.