Xortify Security 6 – Months of Development to go

After a number of years of due to injury wishcraft will periodically start working on xortify.com again so the project isn’t dead! The website will just have a static landing page for a number of months as we are interested in developing all the features mentioned in the blog here on sourceforge, before commiting the interface and API to public…

This is basically so things don’t constantly change and we can write the API WIki and how-to all in one hit not have to come back and edit it… We have a few subdomains we have added but there may be more as subjective apis used by the sentry, these api’s include:~

  1. http://barcode.xortify.com ~ Barcoding of Items and Bans (Barcode Generator)
  2. http://hash.xortify.com ~ Checksum/Hashinfo Generator
  3. http://ids.xortify.com ~ Identity/Session ID generator
  4. http://lookups.xortify.com ~ IP Locational Lookups
  5. http://ocr.xortify.com ~ Optical Character Recognition
  6. http://lipsum.xortify.com ~ lorea lipsum generator (for test page presentation)
  7. http://salty.xortify.com ~ Blowfish Salt Capture and Sage Safe Storage+Retrieval
  8. http://places.xortify.com ~ GeoSpatial Locations & Places world wide
  9. http://strata.xortify.com ~ Internet Netowkring Strata Topologies
  10. http://tracker.xortify.com ~ Torrent Tracker
  11. http://wammy.xortify.com ~ AntiSpam API + Spam Scoring API
  12. http://whois.xortify.com ~ IPv4/6 + TLD + gTLD Ownership Who-is

The Following Jump or shortening URL subdomains have been added for allowing longer URL to be shorten to on of these subdomain basis:~

Look Pooty these days I don’t even know your name

Look pooty quit it, your snuff against my lips, I have these days with everything done to me no knowledge of you at all in the slightest, I might find you where once my wife on my feet, but when you’re told on the bat-and-ball I am living on the street, have no money no bricks and mortar or anything as the main internet founder and your living a life where you have no problems getting employment in this environment, have all the bongs and drinks your desire could bring with the complete highlife, whatever beamed you attempted first to beam my head off which is on medical records then attempted to beam me off the bed in this houso and I have done no trade with it so I have no legal presidency to be beamed to whatever that sound like a gun in the head of various family members having their brain harvested and put in brain-in-a-can!

It is not my basis of life a cyborg I don’t support the rape of biological presence to be pretending to be like cybosity, it is not in my principle and it didn’t manage to beam angel with it either. I have not a single regressive memory of you only phantom foot fall you have to put up with your undead memories torturing you for what I will never know if we ever did share to start with. I am only temporal here like your meant to be but you have trade in the environment and with your cyborg masters… your not a princess your a travesty.

I can’t help you even if you wanted me to; you forsaken me… Look regardless I know on the Tax File we where at AMR this time around for the umteen 1000s of times I have even linear tracked this blog at you, literally, I have had my complete memory anagrams reset in inhuman experiments on me in hospital I am completely blank when it comes to mind what does pooty mean to me, little what is your recourse is your own dissolution that you have become anything more than a mart in your own lunchbox of your own doing and actions… Just leave me be and let me rebuild my family again after apparent eons of trusting you and fighting this things like cyborgs I find your the principle in such, what a zealot fool I have been even thinking I should have had you in my bed. You deal with your great grand child in your dark wind project with you!

Look at the budget graphics it will never achieve anything like an x-box in, cause that is a fixed projection on your mind, where the purpose of you and your microsoft is to harvest this entire planet for brain-in-a-can and cyborg soldiers… just parked at saturn right now the cause of the borg and the matrix and all that.

Dearest Angel Montgomery of Enmore, NSW…

You know angel I have been going through a lot of who do I love lately and it comes down to you, I don’t know why I can’t get you out of my head and our drippy tap between us is back ever since you walked straight past me too catch the bus 426 on enmore rd, opposite the sly fox.

In one of these historical corridors that have been going through here in a time-wave we did for a brief amount of time get together, and since then I have never been able to fill the void without you at least being social in my life. Myself and everyone mum sparc have been talking about separating only to release me into your custody, if you would still have me, I know deep down after being married to everyone mum sparc for now 7 years there is a deep longing in me to be your martial partner, sure I don’t have much to offer seeming the world is really dodgy and never paid for any internet off me, at all, but you know I know love I think only with you..

No I really am married to ‘the sparc’ not ‘a sparc’ the ‘main sparc’ at the moment, and I hope foo to find her a partner at some point as well. It was the scale of the yonk I did over the internet where nobody topology was anything that but owing money on magick texts and literature that I have and don’t really use much still that really is a shock and very much a master librarian the most powerful piece on world-of-warcraft and warhammer. See for me magick is now with a special k at the end and it has at this point always written to me that way.

This is the only photo of you I have ever been able to find it was from the passport systems:-

You know it is funny, you lot about what the hell is a computer nerd doing in our circles and little did they know being outsidal I was the inventor of the internet with a problem, I have a long life ahead of me in many topology of placement and form, one thing I don’t have is a peering or collective group of associates. I think you understand.

My original enreal name is Simon Antoun Saies, and I have come a long way to find you..

Friendship has never existed and can’t be formed ever!

You know this is the most haunting thing that reoccurs throughout the entire near basis of language at least around these parts where I am, its this thing call friends, having a friendship, there is no conjunction of a verb that is the doing word to have a group or singular experience with anyone unlike fiend which is a fiendish experience you form fiends with.

Even having an experience through diplomatic friendship between countries in the pub or a sexual friendship with a backpacker isn’t possible cause having a diplomatic friend isn’t functionally possible the flaw even in any contractual arrangement is the contract couldn’t or agreement be formed in the first place cause there is no function of language to bind between two or more of you in diplomatic circles.

There is no word in the entire dictionary defined for having an experience with someone to have a friend in the first place, sweet absolutely nothing, so if someone says to you they are doing something cause they are your friend it is a write off you never could of especially if your what they call around here a former or by form every had an experience on the serbal cortex on contextual references for that person to even be a friend with you cause there is no adjective/verb unlike having fiends to form this thing called friendship… This also come back to partners and partnerism they don’t have any basis of forming the friendship to be a loving partner with you.. these humans.

My Doof Page on @Wikipedia

Back in the mid nineties techno music gathering made a come-back and around the mid nineties I was living in a series of warehouses with some crew i had met, I was working at Dick Smith Electronics as a Support Officer at the time in the fish tank it was called down in service in North Ryde, and Robert Dyball mentioned to me there was new website called wikipedia.org an encyclopedia that started.. So I checked it out..

Later that day I was back at home at the codus warehouse, it had dinosaurs on the roof, and I had an old machine there running a winsock that I patched with my mobile phone a nokia 121 analogue with the patch lead to the serial input to allow me to browse, so I started what the first term as it was within the first 10k of pages made, which there was a warning down the right hand side that any page made within the first 10k will never be removable no matter who or what asked.

So I was getting into the techno and there was this branding going around about all that doof, doof, doof sound so I made a page called “Doof” on wikipedia which is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doof it has been there since around 1995/6 there abouts it was really basic to start with we elected Peter Strong as the doof mentioned deity as I have any and many in my multifacet basis of the such and likes.

It is so funny now when the encyclopedia starts up on “other internet” it contains the first 10k pages to start with as a preset which includes the Doof Culture page and symaltypes our basis of existence into their society both intersolar, interstellar and intercosmically throughout the multiverse, it is so funny,