Prangga Style of Techno/Doof Music + Subgenre’s

Prangga Genre of Doof

Prangga is called that case is it causes accidents, the root level of prangga is prangga itself which is often warm stylish beats sometime tronic with lots of porn squealing and sexual intercourse sounds mixed into it continually. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Gabba a Prangga Sub-genre

Gabba is like prangga but you often find the FBI monthly homemade serial killer videos and sounds are mixed into the crowd, with an ice cold rave like beat, gabba brings the worse out in them; with constant inhuman tortuous screaming of agony and pain mixed into the beats. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality often far from the bizarre look with dress into blend in with every day citizens.

Ga-ga a Prangga Sub-genre

Ga-ga is like the other constant repetitive droning of sounds, this is the one of children’s toys though like dolly you pull and says mum-ma, and so on, in quick beats like almost fusion-jungle, lady gaga is a mascot of this style. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Trekkie a Prangga Sub-genre

Trekkie is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of sci-fi samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest box sets of sci-fi it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Gamers a Prangga Sub-genre

Gamers is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of gaming samples and songs the samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest as well as antiquity of the gaming era ~ it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Soapies a Prangga Sub-genre

Soapies is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of TV Sitcoms and soapies in samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest run of torrents; it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.



Mussels Curry for 30 AUD feed 8 – 12 with @woolworths

I thought I would write some of my internet founder food recipies, i use to keep a blog seperate off but it was downed  couple of times so I moves to the .com to host it, this is Mussels Curry which costs just on 30 AUD (without rice purchased) to prepare and feed 8 – 12 people you will need the following:~

  • Ready cooked mussels from the frozen fish section near the deli.
  • Jar of Curry paste, your flavour or choice
  • Tin of coconut milk, use lite if you are eating it more than once a week and if you like soup you can use two tins.
  • Tin of Diced Tomato’s
  • 8 x tin of beans, carrots, peas, etc..

This is what the mussels look like in the packaging:

Today I am making a Laska

First open the tin of diced tomato and the curry paste and then empty them into your stewing pot

Now bring to boil on high setting on the element

Now add the one or two tins of coconut milk you will find all these ingredients for most of this except the mussels normally in the same section of the supermarket!

Now get all your 8 or so tins of beans and vegetables I think using industrial processed varieties of these in curry certainly lowers the preparation time not having to preboil the beans but just tastes nicer than fresh ingredients with a curry, so empty the 8 tins or so into a colander and then wash under water to remove all the processing liquids in he can on the vegetable products.

Now empty all the vegetables into the pot and turn down to two settings lower than high on the stove…

Now add the two packets of mussels to it straight as frozen

and leave to simmer for 20m serve with rice and Leonel Bonaparte wouldn’t have eaten finer…

Isolating Replicant/Vyborg with motabolism tests @heyASIO @deptdefence

Originally when I wrote this blog in the same bat time, same bat channel there was a glip and it wasn’t read by many that collapse the co-linear corridor of history here at this point the timing bell doing this has been collapsed behind us by the removal and relocation of a fossil called here the ayasease fossil which some system in this is dependant on. At first I was under the assumption it could be isolated with a carbon date stamp as the Vyborg that crawled out of me carbon date stamp to only existing from the previous day from today but this was not the case the other ones are flawed.

Let me describe what the starfleet catalogue number you will find is in the pre-emptive text is flag is in use of the Android Phone software and has handled an android phone, the VY indicate it stands on both sides of gender and reproduces copies within our own reproductive system only to be gestated by either a female looking Vyborg or by for example a human female that has had it seeded in her by a male looking Vyborg, they are made to look and replicate in every detail your current evolutionary standing point and this problem doesn’t just exist on earth it is wide spreed and I believe part of the reason I have remained off the comms to my own people even within myself. it will take adaptive method even use marriage to reproduce system of masking it presence in the societies we beheld to even now.

At the moment around the Artarians who normally like the gremlins and vulcans the black man have pointed ears we have ears by dishlex to show when we move and relocate to Arth 2 and other places if it still steps up in our society it will not have the same ears and stick out like a sore thumb ingesting it appearance from prehistory with the same group of species.

In ancient times there is a series of corridors that are functional still in the realms of space I am from but here they are largely closed off due to the dangers in them here that allow you to travel intersolar and interstellar in what appears much like a wooden passage which normally have no method of carrying any energy signature based weapon down to a knife through them; which are accessed by opening a portal within the structure of a tree commonly referred to as a door-in-a-tree.  These portal where in ancient times used to fare good to market as well as fare animals and goods for food and so on between worlds when things where simpler then; the way I have found as this replicant uses door-in-a-tree even without entering the passage corridors to move and step up in society it has inhered alleles of hooved animals and will always carry this in your society, what are alleles, as you see from this insert from my CYP450 test which is the 2D6 you need to do a complete test on human or social bounds on both the common hooved animals in your area of boundary here that is a country or stated agreement like Europe on the 4 hooves if you have them in your area with the same human test not the animal one and the one that has the parallel simulcasted numbers matching unlike the clean individual means the Vyborg numbers have come up.

A whole new paradyme to the word: Sluts!

You know this realm of space brings about a whole new paradyme to the word slut, especially for the two that test as my identical twin sister and my sister – tori + pooty/penny. Not only have they or want to turn around and claim now I have significance for them just because I am the only option being a taboo lesbain penny has of falling pregnant with child and we would normally have twin girls as well first which is kinda why I haven’t resolved standing as a guy for so long seeming it me of the two that first has to be knocked up the duff; but it is penny escorting laws that really have me gob smacked, really does seeming the only other person the baron of this region of space has seen me with seeming I have been celibate for a very long time even be in what was assumed sexual relationship with is: Karen Leane Des the author of the DES algorithm that is centroidal to all functions of SSL Certificate signing, who account like mine doesn’t seem to be working seeming 3.50 USD would normally go to her as the agreement in the ciphers source code header per year per certificate, and she is working as a crackwhore escort to make it by somewhere in here, uncarded, under some other name probably even got traffick somewhere for all I know.

Funny thing is last time I had sex with penny as peta righnberg, which is why I really just avoided it totally her was on the recieving end really drunk on my jugs of illusion, like my breast nobody has seen or biten or even caressed or really done anything lesbian with at all, and out poped daisy + angel where I woke up at 4am in her bed looking like her and left knowing that not suppose to happen.

You know as a taboo lesbian this is how mentally ill people like penny really are, you never consider yourself single, you don’t have or are ever on the market for a date or a partner, sex isn’t pleasurable with  man or another girl, simply cause you only have one partner normally your identical twin sister, only!

Which means they are in my own mother who is a titan now not really as my mother but still who I view as that sasha, complete and utter write off that is all universal all cosmic all combination of the entire systems of deliverance where there will be no further reseed by torii on her side of our family as I am a taboo lesbian rather unusually with the flip in the shamonic quest we been on in here of any and penny left with a choice of none which means I would be it only partner it could have married to and you have to be martial to set off taboo breeding.

So Gabby from @NCIS test as my identical twin if I am the solider version do you think i am just as proficient on scene!

So you have had 100yrs of my time now from victoria for 80yrs living with myself as a lecture to start paying the zone, chemical and fee’s you have had owing to get out of the dead zone your in right now, and not a cent paid; my kin the species I am from are under instruction too delete you from existence if you don’t pay the moment I turn up here at my source.

They laughed when I said I had something in the trap to do that the next time I was present on the 37 time my own bathroom from my bedroom toliet has been delivered to a New York Museum at 18 Caret Solid Gold; which will produce a symboint in it if you have a enreal appendix which any being doesn’t have on and this jumbux not known as a human anymore since well punce harry in an opperation I am going to have again decided to fry mine and galms appendix in a frying pan and eat deleting any capability you have of even being anything more than a stock animal permenantly.

Well how as the annuaki now have the annuaki unnatural unmuseum on display as they are deleted from the rear end of history simply by removing what you are like they are dependant and you did it yourself with your remote reconnaissance quit bus the ayshaesa fossil by yes beaming the OO for that alesha thompson and putting her in zombie brain in a can and you know nothing will stop your existence being terminated permanently.

The fact it takes just one solider and it not the really you know up there it their nobile you know the nerd geeky one that doesn’t have the super strengths in all to take down your entire system and opperation with your own equipment Area 35 and delete you from existence from the rear end of time, is hilarious, you have multiple galactic senates involved in this dead zone you now have at the instance of someone sparking a ciggy or a durry or making meth or even smoking hemp, and all you would have done is paid the bill like was discussed and agreed to that is on a passport M8747409 that was keyed 40 terraforms of earth ago; and it just takes 1 solider with your endless cosmos of resources, I am sorry your banned from the word military, defence or even intelligence sentient all that for being the most pathetic opponent I have ever had; 1 solider..

Letter to Rahn The Carpenter, likes that #Doof

So Rahn, like Lkrauss1 that asked to be written to the one thing that all doofs are missing I am sorry, but nobody has asked you ever in all this for 1, 2, 3 party award trophy awards stand board with backing Mandela of presentation slides, for the kiss from that surely a princess photo finish.

You can get trophies from that trophy shop near the pub, near the rear exit of dulwich hill in the inner west sydney, out to where that back pass to bankstown and king rd. Well if you want the number for that dude he has endless trophies with something dancing on it, in mega huge not so huge and what you describe third pezz one, to find the number google street map it is painted on the front still, or turn up, he will be there on the night to engrave in a beautiful script the names and so on if you provide some meth, is what he said to me last.

What concurs to lead it back-here-again for the final time… angle + angel…

Everytime you find me in the address 10/466 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204 repetitively over history, is a complete nonoccurence then the big-bang to now is all formation and collapse of galaxy to the same seeming like every single one around it in all expanse of the multiverse called – Arth, it adds and E for any apparently or beyond Extraterrestrial.

School kids pick this up the person in the class reading earth or saying there from earth or have an entire map of Arth as Google Earth; well in fact my places api is the only thing with a complete listing of Arth, it via correspondence all translated in english, seeming the arabs at least wanted a complete english translation…

Sadly I am already married, to Angel believe it or not, Angel Montgomery (below is a photo of me as you can see normally also looks like angel!!) and have been for awhile our two sons are even walking around in here Chris + Neil, we have decided seeming we have a new graveyard, which is also called: Halloway Keep, with the same grave digger relocated, to bury at least Elpiniki Iosif, who might occasionally get his feet yelled at so on, manually by spiriting away his carcus, so he knows happeness again, then also anything in this centralfrugal none functional diverse worlds, will stop cycling like vint cerf, larry page and a few of yah people from Earth yet again from cycling through like every single galactic family as well, is /null/void and will never exist again.

That especially if angel died back here and lost her head, see, unlike most at least omnipotent people who take there all-seeing-all-knowing mind they have for granted being able to fix and engine on a star ship, or so I am really well educated I can be dug with Alumni data currently at 178Tb sitting in a single PDF in the IT Department of RMIT, I am educated and neither take a guess or gamble with oppertunities, see if angel died back here I will still keep my two son’s and marry again someone new their faces will change slightly but that is all and carry on to what it my turn to be knock up the duff and have the following twin sisters for those two boys to marry as a lesbain and angel last time I walked out on her was attempting to tell me she was hetro.

So god bless you, and may the reversal of the word dog, show that the dog is the most worthy and diligent ambassador of all deity, may the queen of England be seen in some way as this reversal of the word dog by sitting at the right and left of the dog, may the dog be seen as the most highest and righteous of worship with it torn arse anally done sexually it knows as the son of it or Jesus as the crass belligerent word states, may the reversal of the word dog have infrastructure, laws that protect it steeple and the men that cause this Jesus so worshipped.