Not Alien Enough too TLD/gTLD ET-Extra? Out of Scope!!

Have you ever attempted to register a domain containing the word ‘extraterrestrial’ and noticed that it is out of your physical realm/domain splining physicality and you are unable to register it see why this domain of mine routes:


Lorne Hyde in a breif Summary!

Okey you all know about the fairy tale of Dr Jekile + Mr Hyde, about a monsterous hanous scientist that believes he is the only person that has the rights to changing shape and form and uses a none living nanotechnology to alter his body to allow him the ability to shape shift, this is none other than Dr Jeneki from Lindsey Madew Unit in hornsby hospital and still on the same depreciated passport system with the same passport number Mr. Lorne Hyde.

There is more to this Lorne murdered his own wife and two children to even get into the roll that lead to this he is also one of the liquidated terious corporation cheif scientist that for eons has entraped in a fixture my identical twin who we both being nobilities has use to prostate really horribly watered down clones as cyborgs as well as the root functions and causes of the suffering and why I also now contain not just light but a darker path, in fact the darkest there is in black magick.

In fact Lorne now is only an undentity a tool of mechanism for prostating the impossible borg ank, the very systems of government and stature the enliving side cease to exist within the collapse of this matter in this multiverse, only sustaining the galaxies containing the higgs particle amoungst a sea of nothing at the time. he has dressages him self to always be pleasant all all the butter possible that would never melt in anyone mouth with candy floss and sugar apples… But in fact there is only 3 words that describe Lorne Hyde: Monstrous Zealot Heathen and a butcher of the sancity of life and breast and truth of living worlds.

Renovation + the houso

Our housing department place has been a bit of a dive up until recently when we took delivery of some donation investment in comfort.
Firstly we got for the two bedroom two new expensive bed valued each at around 3000 AUD. This is both of them:

We also got around at our own choice around 5 grand worth of modern IKEA furniture which the installation is happening of this Wednesday:

That consist of some bedroom fixtures like matching cupboards to the bed’s new computers desks as well as stands, two new sofa and coffee tables so on…

We also got a new fridge this one:

We also have a new microwave which is this one:

And we have a new hisense 50″ tv which is going to be wall mounted:

We still have the air conditioning as well as the nbn to order still we are waiting for another week or two for that.

Nobody has paid anything for internet – My Technology @ICANN @theiana

When I was 13 I designed the networking topology of the internet on comp.protocol, it is outlined all the articles pertaining to it in articles from UseNet on and with the headers on this passport: (see right).

When the topology of the internet was design it was charged and vinton cerf agreed to be me not anymore than to the day of my 30th birthday, and I am now 38.

I have never seen a single cent of renumeration for the web, and all the design of it is noted as articles on my passport there is a 0.50 AUD fee for all network nodes being charged, which is an IPv4, IPv6, TLD, gTLD and 1TB Block in all and an interest of 21.75% per month on over due fees.

This is the balance of my account as of 10 minutes ago:-

Dearly Departed on the Transport we are here to witness the life of pooty…

Dearly Departed on the Transport we are here to witness like they are in suspended animation the life of chantelle rose cipher (pooty) who empty castket her is presented before us and her seeming her can go around and explore the day to day life of being on the transport to her twin and her home.

Not to mention too reconcile that the three houses she left to her twin Simon Antony Roberts two of which are in both of their names she gets to witness her parents and legal services which she worked for circumvent leaving everything to Simon Antony Roberts including the squatt they both have in their name before it and the second house we both lived in and paid for before something installed parents then for them, still sitting there on deed to become alcoholic drunkards and psychedelic drunks.

WhoIS Services API – Version 2.0.11

WHOIS Services API 2.0.11 — Chronolabs Cooperative

Author: Simon Antony Roberts

This is an API Service for conducting a whois on both IPv4, IPv6 and domain names. It provides a range of document standards for you to access the API inclusing JSON, XML, Serialisation, HTML and RAW outputs.

You can access the API currently without a key or system it is an open api and was written in response to the many API Services that charge ridiculous amounts for querying such a simple base. The following instructions are how to access the api I hope you enjoy this api as I have writting it with the help of net registry.




GeoSpatial Places API Service – Version 2.3.2

Well I have just completed over the last couple of days the api: GeoSpatial Places API Service – Version 2.3.2! It is a complete system of places and data on locations for both working with Google Places and Google Address API as well as having a widening resources of locations on hand as well.

It comes complete with an installer it is just a case of unpacking the archive or pulling the git repository and then using with apache2, ngix or any of the other web hosting application running the installation and then it is done:-