Load balacing PHP Crons ~ Defcon Pixey/Pixel Sleep States – 

Too load balance PHP is much the same as any c it is with the function sleep(); unlike c which is in milliseconds PHP sleep runs in seconds. This is good for example up to three or four times in a loop in up to four defcons in any PHP Cron or schedule task it load balancers cpu: 

if( mt_rand(0, 3) == 1 )

         sleep(2, 11);

Okey so you have a at best a good quickly firing – 1m Cron you want to fire multiple of everything good except the Cron job or scheduling will fire them at the same 1m execution time on the CPU so you put at the top of the Cron the following depending on number being fired say 10 X 1m Cron job of the same then you would put:

sleep ( mt_rand(1, 158) );


Beam-me-up Retention it’s the law!!

Recently I had a number of attempts to beam me from the surface of the planet I am on at the moment I am really glad I took Ayahuasca+Chowaponga cause at on points like it is recorded in my NSW electronic health file I was in the IPC Unit literally with one of my rapest with his over steroid usage body Jody Coleman and the light in orbit even now beam my head off, lucky this was in the chronologistic histogram and we had previously prepare that old genuine invade head of mine as a boobyhead.

Well of course you would have retention on a boobyhead it is a boobytrap for brain-in-a-can we prepare earlier. Then a number of weeks later while I was awake I was lying on my bed and those lights in the sky made a second pass with high energy beam strips passing by my body, they must have attempted to do it without a pattern lock which only works when you have legal retention on the person or items being beamed from the surface it has always been this way since summoning entities which is also a kind of beam physics.

Ubuntu Studio how to install on Ubuntu 16

Some of you might be wondering what desktop I am using on Ubuntu it is the Ubuntu Studio, to install just the desktop you run the follow commands at the shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop* -y

Otherwise if you would like to install the 1gb or so complete Ubuntu Studio with suites you run the following at your terminal shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio* -y


People with serious wealth can go without it when need arises!

People with serious wealth I mean staggering wealth of any description with both come spiritual divinity as well as physical wealth like myself can when need be and I have only been doing this so my kids can some like associated fiends can spend something on me and it meters like a value worth taken from them inordinately to my current fiscal ledger in the area, but the system is so fucked here on this planet that I can’t even be paid my salary as the bank will embezzle it let alone transfer any of my own wealth when need be.

Going without wealth for a period when you are use to being able to purchase absolutely anything even terraforming of a galaxy and so on in stuff that is the none legally prosecution of matter this milky-way consists of, like Andromeda and 1739 galaxies all human assets only; only makes you peripatetic what you have even more, I have just left myself without physical wealth for the purpose even though I know in this mission brief anything I transfer will be stolen off me, just so a few paupers like the Windsor house have a chance to make me peripatetic their view of wealth, and they failed in every regard to really impress me more played childish stupid primate games thinking any of them have the life experience I do with a carbon date stamp predating the cosmos they are all from; which regardless makes me the senior in advice and council and to be believed.

I only really wanted my twin sister to buy me flowers again, and instead get her disability taken advantage of…


None spelt testicular Neil gets for 220 a week, Marrickville…

This is the place you get for 220 AUD in Marrickville, notice like the female name Simon which male is Simmon, here is Neil without two ll’s in testicular…
It comes with secure buildings and wifi…


Doof, Doof, Doof conceptualise a perfect complement to parties ~ Catering + a spork!

Most people don’t realise this but there is a couple of things missing from dance parties, what is a party without food, most events these days come with higher ticket prices than the start of this the mid 90s; but also most event providers even on multiple day events don’t consider what would with adding only $2 – $3 dollars per day will allow you to have catering, like spit roast, salads, with a seating area that is all manned by the catering company, even in bush and outdoor locations.

This means for example everyone will get a meal, when if it is an over night event only you will only need on spit roasted meal that you all after midnight switch the sound system off; turn to the cater and eat together in a communal meal, this will resolve many differences and help us bite back in your jaw to credit you what is rightful yours in the admin channel… Most catering companies will provide outdoor catering for up to 1000 people for limited number of cost as I said it will work out less than $4 per head at the event, cause everyone will have a meal, you also include on the flyer a star with; food included in the ticket price, and perhaps a menu on the back!

Also for clubs and city event you can for around $1 per head, hire movie set catering which means there will always be coffee tea, muffins, sandwiches etc out the front or around the side of the club, this will provide a ensound enriched atmosphere and allow for the people that need a refreshment like a hot cup of chai to get one while they smoke their durries or scoobs etc.

The one other thing that is missing from multi-staged events is the dance-off you need to have for example trophies from for example the trophy shop just near dulwich hill and the pub, which I know in talking to them have a large excess amount of dance related trophies and he will be there on the night if you give him some meth being a fiend of that to engrave their name in the hand it is in, you have to have heats and judges and a registration desk, for example trance would be an endurance, in single, couple or group, and for example dub-step would be in single and couples, you need to get the numbered bibs which you pin on and normally this would be after the lead act with an explicit set and DJ knowing he is running the high endurance dance off.

Of course you need the podium where people are award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with the girls and the kiss on the either side of the cheek by the dance princess of the time.


Best time to develop software; all environment especially Credit Unions & Funds & Ledgers!

Most companies don’t realise this about software development but normally your development house should be kept in a separate building structure than the rest of the office and business environment, often this will fit into any medium or large house in a correctly zoned area, this is to kept the development environment biosound/cybosound, and normally they have to abstain from alcohol but general narcotics like marijuana is fine almost preferred to separate them from the physical abstraction layers in this office.

The other thing is it should be only done after sundown, this is because there is a lot physical less energy in the streets and in the air from the sun for example to cross across and hold the programmers in a DJ action with the media and environment they are in, normally you would also have to make a centralised media store in something like subsonic.org for your developer to move all the media they have in the home and office to external on service’s on the web as we have found exploits in this in energy and media that result in versioning and none autonomous coding to work as designed.

Of course being an after sundown event you will need a fridge full of drinks and a freezer with microwavable meals as there will be no way they can go out for lunch, just with the management staff, it is also good to keep the support department in a physical structure away from any dev/networking environment as they are often pass the job on when they don’t want to do the research for a problem or the bug ticketing system.