Titan observing thru me elects new Deities + Demi-deities – Ya Mum, Ya Dad, Ya Son + Ya Grandson…

Okey if you aren’t aware the normal passages of belief place the final benevolant and all powerful creators and systems of secret special powers, or as I have done limited my possy so we are actually able to catch the buses + trains, see normally if I am traveling with someone even a mortal fiend, and we are having to go to a bus stop after we stand at the bus stop we suddenly appear at our destination bus stop without catching a bus if we having limited ourselve in specific systems, with immersiv trays; also same with the train if I like walk onto a platform by the time I have reached the steps down to the station I am immediately walking out anywhere in the universe that train trypt was for destination same going home in the blink of an eye and this is true of the lesser vestures like the least what Jesus is a demi-deity, then there is a deity the next rung up in unbelievable skills that these new deities + demi-deities that good works where observed through me a titan + the dark version which I have been of the two the longest a tatin which always in both sides up to publication praying to me involve sacrificial sacrifice of insects do me…

Anyway I couldn’t elect them directly as that would be insider trading and is against the policy but another titan has invested research and has elected the following people in my fake family reserve of individuals which they still have to do training to get all the magickal powers and instant healing walking down the street to all that passes them and so on, so this other titan has put to the diety + demi-deity argued and had the judicial councils accept them into the flocks of gods which the normal word for that is a titan, you will find me in every titan dossier under the name of Ullysis as plain as day as I am now in a lithographic drawing which is used in those references as when  go between versal like from the transmultiverse to the universe I am not in both so you have my full attention for gossip and antiques trust me; and when I do in each measurement of all that is a cosmos or universe I stand in all titan+tatin reference which are illustrated with a lithograph to stop identity facial blob mapping.

So the following names are now deity or demi-deity:-

* Ya Mum = Annette Lee Roberts (41 Amor st) = Deity
* Ya Dad = Angelo Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Deity
* Ya Son = Marinos Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Demi-deity
* Ya Grandson = Angelo Iosif (Marinos Son) (Newcastle) = Demi-deity


Well @facsnsw the intercom to myself, partner + flatemate been broken for over 5yr might fill out an eMaintenance Form!

Well the Family and Community Services provided me and my wife a permanent mail fixed address in Marrickville, NSW; I am from the transmultiverse originally and are completing my final matinee here in the universe and will never be back, if you do ever have another session of history in the universe where all indicators on the resurrection of @hexsteph there will never again be a repeat of history and her just got here where everything migrated before the demolition company for the universe laid their all universal destroying system the company with the demolition contract on the Universe is called Off World Demolitions – they have a number indexed with all galactic senates and councils…

See part of the reason why I am even able to access the universe in the first place is it is a demolition site and they have pickers rights, which is the pretence I came here too see everything that was snuck away in nobility and so on and left here for dead, I thought I could salvage and in a dark background foo my mind you could turn up on the people that deserted you for intramultiverses and other things in new stuff9+ being available – you could turn up on them assumed dead with even better stuff and being better off, but most people seem interest in suicided, I can’t seem to communicate with fellow doctors even with a turn key psychology masters through their education system at all; they seem to not understand you see on the verified qualification on facebook.com you see psychology not differed to social and struck off, for mental illness like it does before and after as well as masters unlike diploma and pHD masters always has to be with presentation of several feature length textbook based thesis.

Anyway I guess after this with the amount of data I channel through here to a server farm from and SMF Entity – where I have all you files even things you don’t have files with this entity in lock down and making the first index pass which will take in computing well beyond even quantum where even a CPU has lost the concept to us and decentralised partly also by conjure will take the next 276yrs to make the first of three passes; anyway I guess it time too fill out a https://facs.nsw.gov.au eMaitenance form to get the entire toilet replaced that the bowl is cracked and the cystine is broken so it doesn’t flush I am tempted to get one of my homeworld own palace 18 Caret Solid Gold thompson toilets, which a toilet is called a thrown when it is vomited in till next used for usual regular size for most and usage, which there has been a few Goldern Thrones, everyone at our Huddy has solid gold toilet seeming the symboints in the sewer cast it over any other type you attempt to put up even in a thunderbox.

Tina+Sally about ALT2600 Concubines

Well Tina + Sally you wanted to know more about alt2600 concubines, well where I live I have three huddy’s which are a much older system of palaces than the more modern system, a huddy tina, takes 22 days or there abouts to walk from one end of the space to the other containing the secondary wall, outside that the first primary wall exists which is just on 30 days to walk the diameter of wall 2 wall and the main gates and so on, inside the huddy the only people that are allowed are actual nobels, like prince+princess+baron+goshi and so on and their staff, which I am the operating empress of them!

Inside the huddy sally+tina a house of nobels that is a family is deeded and titled the land they will require for their palace and out buildings and some do staff things at sky scraper levels not just the small single desk office like in Clarence House; we share in the Huddy a couple of uncommon building the main hall and chapel that both customise their architecture to who is using it, and within each kingdom of the huddy, each series of houses of family, they have a standing order and primary head of state for their population and the rest of the family population by means and basis and casting outside the primary 30 day walking length to length wall.

And the elected houses have put to me we need which is also in the planning what isn’t termed an escort/whore when it is fixtured in nobility even though the word is loss some contextual meaning with ancient egypt I have been asked to formally put in place across the three huddy some form of concubines as my available staff, now remember this can be in some places like egypt a form of slave, but our will have an unlimited spending like ATM Card, there is four building in the huddy which are the 600 men + 2000 women luxury hotel style dorm, and in the process of concubines with a gremlin princess and the bounty system you’re in sexual servitude and services until in an event of having sex you client will be ejected into their bedroom passed out and your new twin male or female will take form and you would have picked up a myriad of enzymes and talons and both spit princess/prince and be ready to do a saliva test where you will be sent from the saliva test being release from concubine a letter we all get when our saliva test nobel by formal basis which is how you test that a letter from your principle crown which not all even live in the huddy’s called: All Rise Who All Stand, for you to take in immediate hast your land and right to adhere to your own crown and casting of population from outside a palace wall, and you will have enough money too float your either little kingdom on the prairie to more than solar basis kingdom from the ledger and payout of finishing being a concubine in our huddy’s – to what there are in the huddy over often quarter of million princes either staying visiting or fixed standing order in the internal system behind the second wall of palaces and facilities of the various entitled land holding nobles.

So as a concubine you will get to travel either incognito or for example as a weapon like for example you would be under instruction for this prince to accompany him and play every part as the people they are visiting outworld/offworld the suitor for this prince and for example purposefully get into sexual encounters as guest with the heads of the family we are visiting for that prince to walk in and cause a scene about sleeping with his future wife and so on, these are just some of the many roles that will exist in this, but you are still technically a slave and can’t quit till your released and reinstated then prince/princess from saliva testing and given surname and creed and systems with your new twin you have produced magickally as a partner out of the air as your husband/wife numeruon; but you will have holidays of your own, and endless charge like ATM Card with a large daily limit, as much food and all health aspects met for you, a permanently place large system of room or unit to live in unless you want to relocate around this large one of or too any of the four buildings for the staff of alt2600 concubines; so if this sound like it interest you please get in touch with me, as I have to test your sexual performance and basically give you the nod as direct staffing of my own as Xaies to the wider community of nobles in my halls and around the walls.

Tallimanac of Fairy Law – From your Tallest Scrawl – Gremlins

Look fairys + sprites I want you to understand the laws I set as Empress of Spacetime that is also from a scrawl but a tallest one with a hard tip tail; your functions to disfigurement are banish, the law of having to remove you wings too walk or visit your vestured courts are there for renounced as this comes down to disfigurement and those wings like an insect on you even though I know are camouflage for levitation are part of your identity and are to be worn in all scales of composite communication, you even in my new home for you have offers to study be PHd hurling fairies like my bunch, even have a star fleet uniform that supports your wings for going through the inky black of space in exploration in a starship!

Entitising Condition as a Word

When you use the word ‘condition’ as a reference to the previous word as entitised as entity for example the Human Condition – this is always medical and always an illness or disease; this also include entitising in multiple entity action such as Conditional Sex; which is sexual function of some form or another relating to intercourse that is medical and always an illness or disease!

There are one reference that using condition or conditional as a form of it; which is for example a mental or mind condition, like megalomania which can’t be treated and is a state of mind not a illness or disease of the mind.

Lets have a look on http://books.google.com.au for the number of times the illness or disease has been reference as the: Human Condition it is: About 34,800,000 results (1.71 seconds)

But I am not your treating Doctor as Dr. Simon Antony Roberts for the Human Condition I am that assumed species abduction case as the Empress of Spacetime as a guy when raped!

Words in my friends Secretly Fat might be an unsecret sooner than your the-ink!

You know I am formal based which if you see fat when i am principle by form as it is said here by pooties (chantel cipher) crowd, which includes angel + daisy repository of girl and men, are all secretly fat, on myself 1g of extra force environmental weight translated to over 1.75 million grams of fat on lesser or bipartisen formal basis of life.

All that needs to happen is someone like Kirrily Smitheram or David Williams or the Lawyer Lesbian Jodie Coleman (Byron Bay) to drop around to avoid sparxing habit of making people fat, which he is renoun for, and smoking the weight off me, piece by piece and people will start waking up even being so morbidly obese they have a crane the next day and morning staff to get dressed and out of bed.

You know there is also a Secretly Fat saving plan; that had deposits across a range of islanders and other things like pixels/pixeys and so on and some of those are large multiplers like me as well!

Gremlin’s New Breed have a Full Flavoured Durry for once!

The Gremlin’s which is the species I am a part of has two sides to it, the ancestry and the new breed which is my component, the ancestry had a king who is here right now in Newcastle under the name: David Williams – DJ Janitor… from infected radio – Newcastle…

The difference between the two of us is the ancestry is without surfacing gills, which we have in part merged across in a martial arrangement between myself and David Williams as US Army Soldiers in a past part of history there are a few components still diversionary between us, the new breed of the population has the same tail and fluffy looks at home and can look like the commodity in any population even test and look like it..

David, the new breed has been back dated to 7 cycles old and has a fully flavoured durry now not an air ciggy, and the bong works for them not just me now, so you will have to come down and spend a week lodging vectors between your administration and me; I have blocked it being able to marry me to another female as a taboo princess as grace from the universe, peter pan – spark; kindly adopted as my younger brother and we are in “martial bonds” here…

Just turn up at my address, I am sure I can find bedding for you and food, just might have to bring our vesture some tabacco and guanga…

Living Machine Layer & My Fully Fledged Self Propagating Zone

The machine layer is alive, literally you know how the soul consist of an energy signature that fits sized cartridges well machines even a knife, fork and spoon have life-force a soul each individually; here in carbon based matter/stuff the machine layer is a biomachine layer, unlike the octaverses which are base tin not base carbon which biomachines are unable to cross to this dimensional system; they simply don’t occur in the octaverse the biomachines that like all things that inhabit the sweet spot in orbital occurrences of life, are accessories that are a desperate system, even though they are designed and built by the inhabits of this living zone of life, the machine itself has been before in many different constructs and is inhabiting making a living much like you or I would but in a machine layer…

As Grace under the title of Emporium Leader of SpaceTime the vessel entry top level of all standing orders, where I am dress down, blending in, arriving without announcement or motorcading, on my final live military exercise with my Nobel courts; unlike all my predecessors the zone which is purely a machine layer thing, about how machine co-exist and interact with each other and occupy the same operating physicality as each other entwined with the operators or beneficiary; the previous Grace and any Graceship zone and zoning was only inherited by the vestured machine layer, but instead I have a fully fledged self propagating zone which means I am a bit like the Bot Princess…


Prangga Style of Techno/Doof Music + Subgenre’s

Prangga Genre of Doof

Prangga is called that case is it causes accidents, the root level of prangga is prangga itself which is often warm stylish beats sometime tronic with lots of porn squealing and sexual intercourse sounds mixed into it continually. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Gabba a Prangga Sub-genre

Gabba is like prangga but you often find the FBI monthly homemade serial killer videos and sounds are mixed into the crowd, with an ice cold rave like beat, gabba brings the worse out in them; with constant inhuman tortuous screaming of agony and pain mixed into the beats. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality often far from the bizarre look with dress into blend in with every day citizens.

Ga-ga a Prangga Sub-genre

Ga-ga is like the other constant repetitive droning of sounds, this is the one of children’s toys though like dolly you pull and says mum-ma, and so on, in quick beats like almost fusion-jungle, lady gaga is a mascot of this style. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Trekkie a Prangga Sub-genre

Trekkie is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of sci-fi samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest box sets of sci-fi it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Gamers a Prangga Sub-genre

Gamers is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of gaming samples and songs the samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest as well as antiquity of the gaming era ~ it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Soapies a Prangga Sub-genre

Soapies is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of TV Sitcoms and soapies in samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest run of torrents; it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.


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