WhoIS Services API – Version 2.0.11

WHOIS Services API 2.0.11 — Chronolabs Cooperative

Author: Simon Antony Roberts wishcraft@users.sourceforge.net

This is an API Service for conducting a whois on both IPv4, IPv6 and domain names. It provides a range of document standards for you to access the API inclusing JSON, XML, Serialisation, HTML and RAW outputs.

You can access the API currently without a key or system it is an open api and was written in response to the many API Services that charge ridiculous amounts for querying such a simple base. The following instructions are how to access the api I hope you enjoy this api as I have writting it with the help of net registry.


  1. https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/WhoIS-API-PHP
  2. https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabsapis/files/Version%202.x/Whois-API-PHP/



Load balacing PHP Crons ~ Defcon Pixey/Pixel Sleep States – 

Too load balance PHP is much the same as any c it is with the function sleep(); unlike c which is in milliseconds PHP sleep runs in seconds. This is good for example up to three or four times in a loop in up to four defcons in any PHP Cron or schedule task it load balancers cpu: 

if( mt_rand(0, 3) == 1 )

         sleep(2, 11);

Okey so you have a at best a good quickly firing – 1m Cron you want to fire multiple of everything good except the Cron job or scheduling will fire them at the same 1m execution time on the CPU so you put at the top of the Cron the following depending on number being fired say 10 X 1m Cron job of the same then you would put:

sleep ( mt_rand(1, 158) );

Tickling is banned in sexual inadequate sizes!

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@GoogleFonts :: The let downs in design and functions!!

There are some serious short fallings with Google Fonts; they only provide the limited number of 5 fonts and for example one that I get a lot of lookups for the *.ik format of fonts when I provision the CSS as well as at times the other ones; the css it should be providing is the following:-

/** Pieces of Eight */
@font-face {
 font-family: 'Pieces of Eight';
 src: url('./Pieces of Eight.dfont') format('dfont'), /* Filesize: 39322 bytes, md5: 34f9ec5aa2b92c7118b6240b4564c214 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.cef') format('cef'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 556c8bc069f8fd3037410655bb0f0be0 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pcf') format('pcf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 78b3cb34c35164484b2183d1f7947747 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.gsf') format('gsf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: a006e0631e7a7411faefa1f792231731 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.sfd') format('sfd'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: f47b65dc83fe2a8805abde764022cc8d */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.fon') format('fon'), /* Filesize: 288 bytes, md5: d28c94d5362058b68c80214a3105375b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pfb') format('pfb'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: a178f1416b5ec4f89ed426ec77fea83a */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.svg') format('svg'), /* Filesize: 99466 bytes, md5: ec1d80674a0299b22e7cd862f1ea41c0 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pmf') format('pmf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: e3dd938a5a6c52604b8ece3995ef821a */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.woff') format('woff'), /* Filesize: 25156 bytes, md5: 90fe35a5afe3fbd0b9f7e2542279da34 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.bin') format('bin'), /* Filesize: 65536 bytes, md5: bd9811987908ad69e806403ae8bb0125 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ttf') format('ttf'), /* Filesize: 38300 bytes, md5: 0f58eba4cc06aedfb3826efc4652729b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.eot') format('eot'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: ea7dd4596f65d9fd3b76e321db0b61c1 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pf3') format('pf3'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 6acfed6911aefdd7c0b5098fa6b84cfa */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ufo') format('ufo'), /* Filesize: 4096 bytes, md5: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pt3') format('pt3'), /* Filesize: 241079 bytes, md5: 3717f2ea119a4360f319d4769c75f40e */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ik') format('ik'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: f56068353318ea1ba92145bd3116db4c */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pfa') format('pfa'), /* Filesize: 125519 bytes, md5: 11d2e28fe834eb6ff2db6feaf5d006f9 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.t42') format('t42'), /* Filesize: 84465 bytes, md5: efb9cd2994fb999d3320e5cfadbb413b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.gai') format('gai'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 9314873eb324b8878b305c15379c3fc6 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.mf') format('mf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: ac5f1a0cad21ef198712a068986524e6 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.otf') format('otf'), /* Filesize: 85452 bytes, md5: 486ce98e6931bac1a453fda499921567 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.cff') format('cff'), /* Filesize: 37116 bytes, md5: 9824e6c46e4056761af7c252a59f6aee */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.hqx') format('hqx'); /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 61e8524bdbb1dea86dd450b76ecbd553 */

See these are all the formats that are required to be provisioned by CSS for font libraries to be accessed, we provide them on http://fonts.snails.email and output individual packages with them all on http://fonts4web.org.uk; without these all listed remember you need all these formats as CSS is implemented in most things including smartTV which often need *.ik that isn’t provided by Google Fonts or http://font2web.com which means that and a number of other formats that are all required for the full CSS Call to implementing a font fall short and you only have your font working on just PC web browser’s only not all the smartTV all the tablets and mobile devices as well other environments where the manufacture is limited too the font library it can import in it CSS Implementation.

The other short fall in Google Fonts as well as fonts2web.com is it doesn’t provide the font libaries *.php + *.z for TCPDF the PHP7 extension as well as class library in previous versions (fonts.snails.email does however), which means you can do the following call to have a font in TCPDF from us but not Google Fonts.



Dodgy @AusPost with @AlibabaTalk unable to deliver any packages

I have been attempting to order a phone from Alibaba now for 2 months, and still they are always going missing when they arrive in Australia.. Check this out for the 3rd phone i have ordered on aliexpress.com this one which is high end spec quad core phone with 5″ screen and active matrix, which as you can see in the transit log aliexpress.com ~ order id 75676193139844  This shipment :- http://chinapost-track.com/track-singpost-singapore-post?track_number=RF394667394SG

Screenshot from 2016-06-27 16-21-25

Was never delivered it will not have my SILJC seal on the signature for delivery and all the mail and I have had most of my orders from alibaba go missing in this way except for underpants cause the Australian Post are nothing but thieves that are not members of the thief’s guild, do not have or do anything but steal the word thief to see it from the thief guild and are without any honor on delivery them of course including chronopost that deliver here between 1:30pm and 2pm every day.

I have recently managed to stop being @linkedin to crime on a massive scale!

If you had ever seen my linkedin.com url for my profile it was http://linkedin.com/in/founderandprinciple that is cause I was the original developer of it which all website owners know you have to have programming skills yourself or a lot of money to make a website to start-up.

Linked-in like the whois on domaintool.com reflects the first basis of that domain was owned by Simon Roberts of 5 Garnet St, Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2204 which is a house regardless of what the bank only accepts a deed (the sound dead) what we in the en-real world call a property receipt will probably like the other properties like 41 Amor St, Asquith revert or still reflect I own them.

Anyway there is a cull on and linkedin.com was stolen off me when I was just finished development of which is a self adaptive system and learned within itself which is a forensic box for crime syndicates that stole it off me to run which without them being able to stop reports into places like AFP, FBI, Homeland Security and so on their api on massive embezzlement of funds which is studied with the criminals on-line listing their latest job they have received the payment of more stolen funds.

Linked-in if I was running it would be culling which it is current it entire user base but it was stolen off me in a home invasion and has never provided a single cent of ROI; if you notice with linked-in if you signup there is no way to close your account, but I did find a way, poising as a cheap whore or escort, and they will report you as suspicious and shut your account never to be able to use the path address for your profile again!

Where to find me in chat – IRC of course!

If your wondering where I do my chatting it isn’t on Facebook or Skype normally I use an IRC service called Austnet.org… It a bit like Facebook chat were you can have one on one or contribute too a room…

You will need an IRC client they are available for most smartphone and operating systems, the rooms I am normally in on au.Austnet.org:6668 are: #sex, #sydney, #melbourne & #php and I am normally under my source forge username which is: wishcraft

Here it is with the channel #sydney open I’m XChat:-


I use this cause it is the most comfortable chat environment I am use to and some of my fiends on there we have been in chat together for more than 20yrs…