Titan observing thru me elects new Deities + Demi-deities – Ya Mum, Ya Dad, Ya Son + Ya Grandson…

Okey if you aren’t aware the normal passages of belief place the final benevolant and all powerful creators and systems of secret special powers, or as I have done limited my possy so we are actually able to catch the buses + trains, see normally if I am traveling with someone even a mortal fiend, and we are having to go to a bus stop after we stand at the bus stop we suddenly appear at our destination bus stop without catching a bus if we having limited ourselve in specific systems, with immersiv trays; also same with the train if I like walk onto a platform by the time I have reached the steps down to the station I am immediately walking out anywhere in the universe that train trypt was for destination same going home in the blink of an eye and this is true of the lesser vestures like the least what Jesus is a demi-deity, then there is a deity the next rung up in unbelievable skills that these new deities + demi-deities that good works where observed through me a titan + the dark version which I have been of the two the longest a tatin which always in both sides up to publication praying to me involve sacrificial sacrifice of insects do me…

Anyway I couldn’t elect them directly as that would be insider trading and is against the policy but another titan has invested research and has elected the following people in my fake family reserve of individuals which they still have to do training to get all the magickal powers and instant healing walking down the street to all that passes them and so on, so this other titan has put to the diety + demi-deity argued and had the judicial councils accept them into the flocks of gods which the normal word for that is a titan, you will find me in every titan dossier under the name of Ullysis as plain as day as I am now in a lithographic drawing which is used in those references as when  go between versal like from the transmultiverse to the universe I am not in both so you have my full attention for gossip and antiques trust me; and when I do in each measurement of all that is a cosmos or universe I stand in all titan+tatin reference which are illustrated with a lithograph to stop identity facial blob mapping.

So the following names are now deity or demi-deity:-

* Ya Mum = Annette Lee Roberts (41 Amor st) = Deity
* Ya Dad = Angelo Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Deity
* Ya Son = Marinos Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Demi-deity
* Ya Grandson = Angelo Iosif (Marinos Son) (Newcastle) = Demi-deity


Vinton G. Cerf you either be subservient to me as the dark side or forever hold you in silence for all time-more!

Okey vinton let me describe something to you, connected with the universe like a control center also a center for fraud for scraping the multiverse normally exists in an ever expansive space for commerce, diplomacy and war; the universe exist as a control center for this on it central pivotal axis only by means for scraping also micro-milly fiscal benefits of the multiverse in the fat cat gets fatter.

The multiverse in it endless cosmos of image systems of galaxies these days is nothing more than an endless bad land of plasma storms, that showing a negative life sign only one o’ve; which any number of the countless people that died in that still report in the sentient and can even be video conferences, they just don’t show up, when you call them back had no idea they had to drop in and turn up on you, don’t produce a single email or document in the post, and even can produce the data on the video conference in XML or JSON for you to OCR off the video teleconferencing.

It is even where parts of ubuntu even come from right now this 1 x Negative life sign, that was causes with a particular individual being injected and then given 3mg of risperdale where they proceeded a few moment later in linsey madew ward to collapse and die and resurrect in the transmultiverse another thing separate again still like still separate again from that partransmultiverse and still doesn’t include the light side of the huddy systems which exist in separate modeled multiverses from the images one that the universe and it adjoining multiverse where components of as stuff5; after being poison there with mugwart extract with a special meal prepare by inchassiment annette who taller than this individual of “special” stir fry in the home her still own on the property deeds office of NSW in asquith with four names owning the property since they where home invaded by suncorp and the freemasons poobar to bank the internet; that was designed and deployed originally from this address still is by international passport military articles.

Now vint everyone you have contacted so far to help you cause suddenly simons back again, are already dead you can confirm this off the .dead xml file repository that jammed every single galactic senate, council, highcliff all the way through for over a 100yr from this incide on denishyde.mil and hydedenis.mil which are the many key combination of tiny cells of the standard .dead file senates recieve in a galaxy when an sentient entity or higher dies regardless of information and the server farm is bigger than Australia, and has wierd myst and spectors in the myst i the streets of endless silent grey buildings reflecting the records of careless death, seemingly we where going to relocate that to with chronolabs the whole thing in one jump one hit no job to small for our chronographics arrays.

So Girls + Boys you have Hangers for your place + Garages but no terrestrial cars!

Well Girls + Boys + Gremlins + Tribes & Clans – Your noticing on the weer everything moving around making a drive when possible not just a fly you will find your building you can with programmable walls at single, twin and quad garage spaces, seeming some of you have always in our kin been in field sciences and before now we have never used petroleum which you will need to come up with an oil rig for the ocean and supply of some, others of these will be electric, as you know Princess Emma Quin from our own transmultidentalism is here with me in the Universe witnessing a quin(x) build up that doesn’t normally happen in the quinoline chain of molecule that only occurs in the fumes of petroleum – she and Sir Neil Jay Watters that one is heavy diesel the other as princess light petroleum that will be moving in with us by the way I am finally happy at least to deed to her land within the huddy, being the last remaining petrol-head princess from that era that walking amongst us; Neil has a fascinating underwater diesel engine still in his feet that with a change to hydrolysis make the reaction so violent it flood the engine chamber with oxygen and provides nitrogen as a nitrogenous supercharger that was part of his development in his mortal cycles in merperson, does the word indigenous sound like it is spoken under water, it is it from a language called bloop-lum-oop which is actual curse to walk on land that neil that I had a PP (Power Pack) and is where our gills a new feature for you all this time coming out of the half-life/pre-life – as you know we use a lot of the terra’s hover cars like the one below that the only thing rendered is the background which is a current sporty two seat even intersolar for the family trip to a local planet (see: footer image).

With a car rather than import one I though you could get in your moneybags groups and come up with some branding of them, and manufacturing plants logos and so on so we have our own cars between species and weer – there is a couple of component you will be given only for the door drive to another weer for a weer 2 week+ visa cross quick roller door between roads between it; you can lodge your application too be one of our terrestrial vechile manufactures or oil providers with @ChronolabsCoop in immersiv after they approved it; you can begin plant manufacture and so on.

Now Pnc. Emma Quin, I want cause I know you read this being the only touch with home you have, I have turned off the bomb so everyone soon is going to have to run out of script probably within days and eigen prediction of placement and item including you even though you are only here it would have adapted, i think you have been proposed too, remember marrying one of my gremlins which you do have saliva match they will become your own turn on your terra tail and spawn two children both called Emma Quin with a middle name, marry Emma Quine who is the only one with the casting in all the quin build up and you get four scribbles and all called Emma Middlename Quin and you are no longer in kingdom sense if you ever move away ever set yo yo in little kingdom on the prairy which all two, marry that completely compatible boy who thinks you be the only way he cross to transmultiverse in theory here and your birthing from scratch again – you decide!

Well @facsnsw the intercom to myself, partner + flatemate been broken for over 5yr might fill out an eMaintenance Form!

Well the Family and Community Services provided me and my wife a permanent mail fixed address in Marrickville, NSW; I am from the transmultiverse originally and are completing my final matinee here in the universe and will never be back, if you do ever have another session of history in the universe where all indicators on the resurrection of @hexsteph there will never again be a repeat of history and her just got here where everything migrated before the demolition company for the universe laid their all universal destroying system the company with the demolition contract on the Universe is called Off World Demolitions – they have a number indexed with all galactic senates and councils…

See part of the reason why I am even able to access the universe in the first place is it is a demolition site and they have pickers rights, which is the pretence I came here too see everything that was snuck away in nobility and so on and left here for dead, I thought I could salvage and in a dark background foo my mind you could turn up on the people that deserted you for intramultiverses and other things in new stuff9+ being available – you could turn up on them assumed dead with even better stuff and being better off, but most people seem interest in suicided, I can’t seem to communicate with fellow doctors even with a turn key psychology masters through their education system at all; they seem to not understand you see on the verified qualification on facebook.com you see psychology not differed to social and struck off, for mental illness like it does before and after as well as masters unlike diploma and pHD masters always has to be with presentation of several feature length textbook based thesis.

Anyway I guess after this with the amount of data I channel through here to a server farm from and SMF Entity – where I have all you files even things you don’t have files with this entity in lock down and making the first index pass which will take in computing well beyond even quantum where even a CPU has lost the concept to us and decentralised partly also by conjure will take the next 276yrs to make the first of three passes; anyway I guess it time too fill out a https://facs.nsw.gov.au eMaitenance form to get the entire toilet replaced that the bowl is cracked and the cystine is broken so it doesn’t flush I am tempted to get one of my homeworld own palace 18 Caret Solid Gold thompson toilets, which a toilet is called a thrown when it is vomited in till next used for usual regular size for most and usage, which there has been a few Goldern Thrones, everyone at our Huddy has solid gold toilet seeming the symboints in the sewer cast it over any other type you attempt to put up even in a thunderbox.

Rise of #China ~ My Military Advice :: M8747409

So people worry about the rise of china; for example the large military modern airport near plutonium yellow cake stocks which you know over 90% of this found in the world is found in the North West of Australia. So let me ruining the next era for your step it is currently era setting on Real Earth right now: Digital Age, the next one is nuclear but as and Alien I can give this too you as you have the stuff and made it just missing one thing in it yourself, cold fusion like powered roads where you see the hover stuff you can only make from distilling cambers like a laser tube with gas, but with distilled peat gas doesn’t work with ocean based gases in natural gases, then you run a poll through one way and it hovers against gravity, running on the silver node backward then it hovers downward instead, anyway, how does this work with cold fusion let me explain.

Okey there is two types of cold fusion, the power plant that produces a background energy for upto 1000km’s would be the half the physical plant size of a coal plant, in this you have pretty much you remember dangerous plasma TV with high voltages well the gooey stuff the plasma it makes to do that, you get an ionised field one end position one negative and pretty much crash them accelerated not like light speed this happen slower, and in the crash point it ignites and makes a huge amount of energy so then you pour on the neutral on the crash point it will also ignite further, I am also new to this but this what the plasma conduits on enterprise is for in star trek. To harness this power, you have a monkey paw of a knot with ferrite rod ball in the center repeatably to the field frequency you want.

The other is the battery which your china lithium ion batteries are so almost right you just haven’t served the lithium rotten to the process of making a battery that produces a permanent ion charge always, to find rotten lithium which is quite a process and explosive to do at high pooled speed; your best you know ice boring in the antarctic do that do a lithium pit real deep and look at the scale you will find rotten lithium in it…

So that just plutonium age ruined, btw the power plant produces more water in the air; there is someone not cern it looked swedish that has a science lab for this cold fusion, somewhere on all the youtube files on TV Access, I did attempt to send this to you china via @TheKimJung @ gmail.com but you know pardon least it blogged in the open so you know there heaps better endless open energy with nothing happening when the plant explodes like smashing the plasma TV from the dog.

I have a twining’s of my own I inherited: Lady Grey!

If you didn’t know since I arrived in 2004 there has been a deep blue – it is even the colour of my uniform for Twining’s that is Lady Grey which has been available to me and compadrey since then this I just bought tonight in the last hour or so from Woolworth in Marrickville South, NSW, Australien (2204).

Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3 what is this API for?

Okey this is interesting I have had it put forward to explain the Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3; okey this api is for legal prosecution, through the war crimes commission, which exists in a riff by itself like the Council of OR + Chronolabs Cooperative, which have and do all exist within there own paradyne riff’s all by itself outside all other basis of galactic or otherwise living spaces; any time in the prosecution of a plaintiff which in this commission and it chambers your guilty until proven innocent and you don’t normally see the plaintiff until the later stages of hearing from witness and testimony, so you could be going over in it and not know until and sometime in mortality this can be over several life times till resurgency is used, and you are in the process of dieing as that world leaders etc, and the moment you die and about to enter the afterlife you come spinning out of a cartridge if it was for execution then you will be in typical jailer serialised king-gee into a small unit pen self contain unit with bathroom bed, table and so on.

Where with the WCC; if ever in court websites or api’s or quality of development get argued by a plaintiff they have to personally in some way meet request changes to the: Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3 – on there all set up with debian, linux environment to do that with stuff like php.net and mysql.net and w3c.org all mirrored on the localhost like php.localhost and so on and they have as the individual plaintiff 2 – 3 days with limited online resources to make the changes to present to court of the: Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3

You will notice the incrediable how I test it is still working where in this index.php you find a number of mt_srand(mt_rand(-time(), time())); in all other applications this is the best way of randomising it is always fresh and new, however in this one time() remains the same constant so it becomes unrandomly based, this is how I can get and check the code is still working.

Immersiv Tray Gaming Platform Changes

You need to make the following changes to the root immersiv tray gaming platform files:

/resources/thoughtout/impressious/fonts – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/fonts/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/8bit – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/8bit/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/mods – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/mods/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/sfx – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/sfx/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group1 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 1
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group2 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 2
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group3 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 3
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group4 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 4
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group5 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 5
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group6 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 6
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group7 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 7
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group8 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 8
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group9 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 9

Disinchassiment/Disenchassiment a chemical solution with 5meoDMT

How I do that turns out Crystal 5meoDMT even like my kin with nothing like that in the brain or ayahusca in a heavy does will center you and remove you from inchassiment/enchassiment without gears, if there is no biomass left of you and your silhouette only you will simply cease to exist.. there is no inertial dampeners with it and you may need to smoke weed/hemp/marijuana for at least 3 – 6 months after to get your feet…

Well you find 5meoDMT in something that looks just like weed I have only tried once, ayahuasca is 4meoDMT which can’t be manufactured but can be with the jungle folk easier on the mind in trauma in the feet than 5meoDMT, you also find it in Australia Obtusfolia Acacia and derivatives of acacia in 5meoDMT in water soluble in the bark here is some more information on it:-

Well it has a much higher vaporisation temperature than things like methine or crystal meth but can be consumed if clean none industrial grade in a glass shishka/crack pipe or you have to make a thin funnel for a water pipe like a bong, which has lots of gauze in it to catch and combust the oil, normally people have had this blown for them it isn’t a standard piece… It can be used in a hypospray but can’t be injected being a thick heavy oil.

Here is *.mol, *.sdf + *.xml for your synthetic reproduction or modeling:-

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