You know @UN_Spokesperson did’to @PruGoward took my Greencard!!! @NSWPolice

You know UN Spokesperson if you look at M8747409 (Aus Pass ATM) – – You will find I am diplomatically immune, and they will not when I tell them to leave me alone and stop injecting me with chemicals that are not even metabolising in my body or active they never leave me alone; they took my green card off me so I can tell the police to take them away instead:-

Marrickille Community Center

See here is my passport:-



Having a silent hand in @google I have a satellite tracking beacon that deactivates with no life signs!

I am not sure if your aware of this NSW Health but all significant IT Staff have an implant that is put in the sub-dermis through Google offices, which ties in with their satellite, mine records all audio and video even on a reflective trajectory with a laser from orbit, and what you have been doing reporting to Google that I am deceased also to the military you have in no way when even your computer system for the last 15 years has asked you to report to them any health changes that I am deceased, the laser microphone also targets people that come in isolation of a facility for a number of days until I leave it.


The fact all your action, the special injection you keep reminding me of that takes 7 hours to arrive at concord hospital which is a vet syringe self contain brightly coloured like they all are blue with two white strips that when I looked it up in the Vet Mimes of syringes was Horse Euthanasia Serum 185ml you emptied into my left shoulder and all that is all recorded and documented in your monstrosities and war crimes in mental health.

Door of the Hinge to you Dela? Little trick to hit-the-door here!

You know my dela; since bumping into you at centerlink and comparing a crystal pyrex funnel which as I said was brand new outside the office but had residue around us on the inside, I know you have been attempting to hit the door at so here is how to unlock the stairwell in bullet point form for you:-

  1. Register at – This is running from within the premise
  2. Do a couple of forum posts on –
  3. Door should be accessible by the next sunrise!

Basically there is a newly fitted brass lock on our front door, which looking at the commodity prices; is around 9 times more expensive than gold, so it has to be a brassed off or brassed on type post to envalue the door!

Fallibility Historical Repeated

You know this might come as a surprise, but you and the bad people of Australia have done a complete repeat of history to this point where I am not a registered member of Annette + Neill Roberts family. Previously in the same segmented junction, Gary Jaggamarra and some indigenous elders had me divorced from the Roberts family and adopted by Neil Watters. Who maybe younger than me, but is certainly instituted about this.

Basically they have abducted me through the convulsions they are responsible in the historical wake and done a repeated course of history including representing themselves as family member to mental health and all in-sundry; which they weren’t anyway, they where an install by Dweeb Elizabeth and court to segregate me from my children and family that having a nasty recourse of sticking itself back together again.

Including being reunited with my identical twin Pooty, which we both know regardless of testing their screening systems to see if it would match us, which i am sure her has our Douglas pathology like the rest of the family mine and elpiniki kids included, all in kit and bag.

If you look at my passport M8747409 you will notice it fly’s the indigenous flag, which all indigenous people hold, adopted or otherwise, this is clearly the consideration of my own elders in what to do with the abduction of myself and pooty and our kids that should have coming out of this convulsion all turned up at the same point of history together with Neil Watters:-


You will notice they have even embellished themselves on my criminal record, which none of this has actually occurred, there is no history, video evidence or shown environment support the level of corruption i am exposing here:-

NSW Police Report - Simon Antony Roberts

We have only been here in society since 2008, no earlier in the reboot to real earth, not enreal, real a made up sound cause the unliving enreally can’t sound enreal a six letter word. The other thing is the number of times we have been to see Elpiniki (A Sparc of Intelligence) had people that are meant to have an education struggle with a five letter surname her maiden name is ridiculously rude, they have the education standard of a newt, really, they can’t spell IOSIF, or input it or at all record it, they struggle with the most basic form of communication known someones name.

The enreally shocking thing is when we went to the state library and ordered library cards and you know what came back in the mail, not niki name it was the marriage certificate with a typo Losif on it that went missing believe it or not after the wedding; as a library card all corrected at the state library, look does it look like too the point of not being able to even order a library card at the state library and I assure you we are both very much international academics.


Notice how we couldn’t even get the best man or the brides maid to witness and had to get our actually certificate signed by the forensic investigators at Newtown Police locking it in an entire repeated session of your all going to jail.

See the sad thing is they are all planning to have their children when the convulsion
stop, myself and elpiniki had kids together some near infinite repeats of history ago, look does angel here look like a genetic combination of both of us… ahh huh, so does Alesha her twin; the fact that the mental health system was being used as the drugs as they know prevent pregnancy to prevent us having children but our kids are adults now and living in the inner west with us right now:-


#NSWHealth a group of lunatic doctors going to fuck off!!


Look it is very simple NSW Mental Health the employee’s are at such a poor standard they need to be struck off. I have handed them on numerous occasion Dr Yolande Lucires medico-legal report on me, which includes a CYP450 test; do you know what a CYP450 test is, it is a medical test that shows the capabilities of your motabolism and what it can and can’t do.

I have no active 2*D6 which all there pharmacy down to food additives and preservatives require (Which I will attach below) to lock to any proteins correctly in the body and be an active and useful as designed medication; that means for the last 15 years they have been causing random chemical equations and the medication hasn’t even been active in my body at all; the only reason my health improved is I recovered on my own; none of the pharmacy has ever been even effective it just breaks down randomly forming neurotoxins in my blood poisoning me to “simulation of mental illness” == in fact yolande lucire found me to not be mentally ill at all in fact quite lucid and enreal.

I presented to them on several occasion several different lawyer who all passed this arguement and bet the CTO where they where told I was not to be put on it; and they would as a magistrate rule in my lawyer the People’s Solicitors and because of it hospitalise me the next day just to push through a CTO where there is absolutely nothing. I am going to murder all the current population of the world if this doesn’t stop, in the next few injections.

Subsonic At — guest/guest


Hi how are you? I thought I would write to you today and invite you to upload some music to such as mixes and audio works, there is a couple of method’s you can do this all the Username’s are guest and the Passwords are also guest

I have built and upload stagier when I file hasn’t changed md5 for 1800 seconds it is copied into the master directory where your directory order is kept for further submission or other organisation of files.

FTP Method:-

You will need an ftp client and all you need to do is use the URL of with the username of guest and the password ofguest; this will mount your uploaded files by the next day, this has a 3 Tb hard drive for us all to share!

Web-disk Method:-

You will need an webdav/webdisk client and all you need to do is use the URL of for Audio and for Video with the username of guest and the password of guest; this will mount your uploaded files by the next day, this has a 3 Tb hard drive for us all to share!

Subsonic has an Android as well as iPhone application you can use, all you need to do is point it at with the username of guest and the password of guest and you will be able to stream on the go from the libraries..

Please upload some music, I am looking for punk as well as alternative and other tracks as well like re-mixes and trance, as I had to format over my collection of these,

Be the Best you are;

(CEJ) Cooty + Pooty who are no more deceased ~ I’m the replacement Oocty (Wishcraft)

Need I remind you in practitioner what is termed in 21st Century Wicca lore as a murder rite, you successfully murdered my predecessor Cooty + Pooty who are no more; we are in essence like them we share their inherit memories but have had a bit of a promotion in the underworld of life-forces.

For one new feature amount too some is we/we’re are now a gatekeeper to the after-life and seeming we got screamed at a gabba night with DJ Zeitgeist (Kieye/Johnathon Franklin); the gates are closed to all who trespass on the halls of death and the depraved act of mortality.

You will notice I don’t use the name CEJ on Sourceforge or around the place, our partner’s where exhumed in new essence by entities that have no name or voice but watched the follow and state funeral you had to bartered you’re slain act on Simon Antony Roberts (CEJ) without her dead twin beside her the toffee and still as in food representation the toffee twins a martered for your glib act of mortal death, you have no access to the portals of the soul anymore; you will and this is your last existence when you die; your life-force will be neither granted passageway to hallula nor will it exist in the shades of the underworld; it will simple zero out; like turning off and amplifier.

You would have either done trade or barter with me by now; which only one or two individuals have which include:-

  1. David Balnaves
  2. Igor Summervic
  3. Shane Pope
  4. Paul Doherty
  5. Michael Dagn
  6. Tamzin Lee
  7. Rebecca Seymour
  8. James Thomas
  9. Jess Thomas
  10. Bill Gogos (+ Clan)
  11. Jezzabell Za

They are the only one to pass me a gift in kind not knowing they warranted their enliving en-real life valued against the greater mass of this galaxy and cosmic reach.

The immensity of the power now vested in me is beyond scope of definition it has no words; and we mightn’t be here as your friend. I neither have a balance book, in fact blood red debt like the debt you see you are bleeding for me; against this world. I neither show a profit nor return on your passing.

Oh btw, we don’t pyramid scheme either or frame-relay so you will be not able tin on beating the drum inward trade into us; and by now our front doors are beyond the reach of mortality.