Renovation + the houso

Our housing department place has been a bit of a dive up until recently when we took delivery of some donation investment in comfort.
Firstly we got for the two bedroom two new expensive bed valued each at around 3000 AUD. This is both of them:

We also got around at our own choice around 5 grand worth of modern IKEA furniture which the installation is happening of this Wednesday:

That consist of some bedroom fixtures like matching cupboards to the bed’s new computers desks as well as stands, two new sofa and coffee tables so on…

We also got a new fridge this one:

We also have a new microwave which is this one:

And we have a new hisense 50″ tv which is going to be wall mounted:

We still have the air conditioning as well as the nbn to order still we are waiting for another week or two for that.


My RMIT Masters 2008 ~ 13 Textbooks + Guides I Published as academic merit!

In 2008 through RMIT I completed my masters in IT, Physics + Psychology, the list below is the following text books and guides available through access them with RMIT, you can publish them the proceeds are 50% to me 50% to medicine san`frontier.

The package release includes artwork and binding instructions…

The Titles Include:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology – 2786 pages (7 Volumes)
  2. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology in Mental Health – 1765 pages (5 Volumes)
  3. Bush Remedies for Mental Health – 276 pages
  4. The Psychic Sex Guide – 169 pages
  5. Teen & Young Adult Relationship + Sex – 312 pages
  6. Sex working & psychology & treatment – 546 pages
  7. Hitch Hikers Guide to Multiversity – 377 pages
  8. Guide to Teaching Physics Secondary – 453 pages
  9. Wormholes Exposed – 432 pages
  10. Open Source in Education – 488 pages
  11. Open Source in Commercial Enterprises – 763 pages
  12. Agile, Crunch & Trisecting IT Work-spaces – 356 pages
  13. Guide to Law Enforcement around Health – 211 pages
    (this is only available to you if you are email for a request of a copy from a law enforcement agency email or domain host through RMIT)

IT Industry debauch shambles

You know I have been sitting in a housing department unit now for two years, I have a military carded passport (M8747409 dob 8.12.78). The reason I have a military passport is when I was 13 on comp.protocol, I designed the internet, which came with design fee’s…

I have never seen a cent of the internet money, as documented on my passport, it shows usenet article that include hiring Vinton cerf for no more than a period too when I am thirty to pretend to be me, this of course is the fields which defying all expectations the IT industry has let me down by not renumeration of in anyway my rights for having my design fee’s paid…

Unless you do it is argued that everything online is only implementation by design of myself and all completely my interlectual property only.

Twin psychiatric reports for Mike Staas + Chantelle Cipher

You know the funny thing is when you have a twin, their psychotic episode are reported on their twins footing, myself and my partner have twins that have purposefully seperated themselves from us cause they are psychiatric cases..

See when you have a twin you talk to one and inject the other, Chantelle Rose Cipher psychiatric report is filed in the name of Simon Antony Roberts + Mike Staas psychiatric report is filed in the name of Elpiniki Iosif…

They are both complete sicko those two with all things they have put myself and my partner through and need to be put in a forensic psychologist facilities permanently this is how I find it as you can see on my Facebook a qualified psychiatrist..

Lorne Hyde + the Punce of Wales

Lets look at this for a moment if you look at my under educational about, you will notice since 2008 I have passed a masters of science in IT, Physics and Psychology not only making me a psychiatrist but due to the quality of the papers a world leader in the field.

Currently in NSW you will not adhere to even that as a fact, that if I was ever mentally ill it would defer the subject from psychology to another one, see lorne hyde has persued and cause the human condition in 1739 final entry count of galaxies even targetting the OO for the galaxy to give a human birth and transform the entire galaxy into the human condition.

Currently if you believe you have a survival chance of any deal you have entered with me you can forget it, of course unless you cut every single finger thats used for a trigger off your burgertime royal that what you present to me the grace of all; as your variegate of a nobel with psychology qualification in this call and response of feet, as well as all the nurses and doctors that have placed myself and my choice of wife the only girl too put her smooth moves on me Elpiniki Iosif ever in a mental health facility. You have exactly one week from today to cut every finger off the trigger finger which is the policy in this, or all the people so far with missing eyes and fingers are going well, you know that solar sail that is the size of what normally has no ability to move, passes within 250k of this planet earth and does a pop-top that is throw it violently off axis hurtling towards the sun, and I leave with my wife and kids, alesha + elisce and all the cats and dogs only a few staff I have here with me.

Drug Offense is a discharge only not without honor!

You know illustrated agent super struth, time is running out for you on the clock, you know in the military and any domestic or subordinate intelligence game a drug offense is an immediate discharge, not a discharge without honor I have a few agents of my own from international borders like the ginger beer considering after witnessing a few things doing the same…

If you can’t get holidays put some money in my account and send me a letter before hand I will mail you an invisible consignment and rig the screening so you go not once but twice, we have lots of money to wait on and they have too pay you out in contractual arrangements as well, you just sight you started self medicating due to family and personal stresses.

Well I am right back at the end of the light even behind the mail room in any spy game as an industrialist and previous DSTO Officer, so the ayahusca will make sure your package with the smiley on it to open in your own quarters is yours only to see.

Clinicial Depression ~ A Solution for those looking for a cure!

Most people wont realise this especially if your from NSW but I am also a medical doctor in psych as a psychiatrist passed with RMIT, I also have a provider number can write scripts and so on, my thesis in psych was on clinical depression and bush remedies for it and we found an actual cure in our case study for some of our clients that was really ground breaking work.

Something i know my twin is dealing with is clinical depression; cause her has not turned up at my door and normally like myself very happy-go-lucky is probably in some dark cloud of the mind and I will for you angel provide you an ethnobotanical solution that will make you right as rain, see all the drugs for depression available on the market are only a placebo something that rights the problem by masking it nor solving it, and I know I have suffered from depression myself where you blame yourself for so many things that are never your fault but you dress them up in your mind as if they are and that leads to further depression.

See medicine in the last 40yr has lost track of it roots and foundations in ethnobotany and largely the chemicals they use currently are only placebo or a basis for generating wealth for a pharmaceutical company, not a solution, if the chemical compounds they use and I can even tell you how to make a proper ethnobotanically derived antipsychotic from hemp and the antipsychotic that is in it called CBA, but for the moment I am here to deal in depression, and that is simply Australia native emblem acacia.

All you need to do is have acacia tea a large sitting of three times a day and you will find in 5 – 7 weeks your depression is cured and it isn’t the minute traces of 5meoDMT which is an active meta for the actual chemical that is also provided in acacia for depression, that is my knowledge but you need a tea straining plunger and a handful of acacia bark obtusofolia is the best but any acacia will do; and be care harvesting the bark cause acacia can be susceptible to bacteria infections when you remove the bark below to the trunk level; then simply with a handful of bark place in the tea pot strainer plunger and let to draw for 10-15m then drink you can also add sugar and milk if you want but you will find it has a very palatable smokey flavour, do this 3 times a day at the most finishing the pot of tea and you will find you depression depending on the acacia being used completely cured in 5 – 7 weeks.

You get around 5 draws from the bark and you only need a cup handful in the plunger so don’t be afraid to super does yourself on the tea and have more than in the morning, during mid day sun and before bed, you will not be able too hurt yourself having natural from the source…