Words in my friends Secretly Fat might be an unsecret sooner than your the-ink!

You know I am formal based which if you see fat when i am principle by form as it is said here by pooties (chantel cipher) crowd, which includes angel + daisy repository of girl and men, are all secretly fat, on myself 1g of extra force environmental weight translated to over 1.75 million grams of fat on lesser or bipartisen formal basis of life.

All that needs to happen is someone like Kirrily Smitheram or David Williams or the Lawyer Lesbian Jodie Coleman (Byron Bay) to drop around to avoid sparxing habit of making people fat, which he is renoun for, and smoking the weight off me, piece by piece and people will start waking up even being so morbidly obese they have a crane the next day and morning staff to get dressed and out of bed.

You know there is also a Secretly Fat saving plan; that had deposits across a range of islanders and other things like pixels/pixeys and so on and some of those are large multiplers like me as well!


Howdy Dowdy Angel this Photo comes from my passport M8747409

You where so young then, I would really like to be reset and sit down to pee properly i am tired of hosing thing down, like hosey, hosey, dosey it will probably make other women cry from what their wee said and did!

Well all you have to do is sleep on the sofa for a night I would say, that normally what reset me as mum and you get to meet your dad of the three of us Sparxing (Elpiniki/Nick) don’t know where the other mum is my identical twin (pooty) but Elpiniki geno checks as your dad; like the time at Trafalgar st where Bridgette woke up screaming where his breast went!

Well in resolve here being back-here-yet-again-yes-again still on going, but all good I am made to be stuck, but need a family member apart from nick cause we are both in the wrong gender equality but underneath quite bending new face lift every day that sort of thing, and a new height of perception as well!

You have to come and pickup a copy of the latest spell book as well that was yonked and tabulated, I have one with a transform for you to the next type of entity down from us beyond an ultraterrestrial actually outside scope of definable textualisation anway, can do it over cones to not just sex… and heaps of heaps of heap of spells endless, the library is chokers.

Well the spell books are in equality binding in both light + dark which having and being able to hold both sides of majick is called an insatiable force rather than a dark or light force for every spell; with a child, teen, young adult and adult, and celestial age bindings, it will auto upgrade and auto feed with my library binding feeds new additions from time to time as well as a lot of the normal functions with sex, i have rebinding too work with tobacco in some instances but mainly hemp for the room sealed your in, or outside it goes out and lands on one or more people depending somewhere out there in the multiverse. It contain defensive weapons as well that at times can autofire in eigen predictability.

Grace observation of a Grand Taxation Systems.

Angel Xaies + Angle Xaies (Delihia) secretly the el/le swaps around on their ID Cards in exposure of light to one another are the next thing down being mine and my twins identical twin girls getting about in here still fresh and new to the world and physicality.

Well Angel + Angle are both the same word actually, LE like EL doesn’t do concatination of a new syllabary in a word so they are meant to normally not being miss pronounced look like this diagram with the evaporation ponds indicated in the angel as their taxation system (above).

People with serious wealth can go without it when need arises!

People with serious wealth I mean staggering wealth of any description with both come spiritual divinity as well as physical wealth like myself can when need be and I have only been doing this so my kids can some like associated fiends can spend something on me and it meters like a value worth taken from them inordinately to my current fiscal ledger in the area, but the system is so fucked here on this planet that I can’t even be paid my salary as the bank will embezzle it let alone transfer any of my own wealth when need be.

Going without wealth for a period when you are use to being able to purchase absolutely anything even terraforming of a galaxy and so on in stuff that is the none legally prosecution of matter this milky-way consists of, like Andromeda and 1739 galaxies all human assets only; only makes you peripatetic what you have even more, I have just left myself without physical wealth for the purpose even though I know in this mission brief anything I transfer will be stolen off me, just so a few paupers like the Windsor house have a chance to make me peripatetic their view of wealth, and they failed in every regard to really impress me more played childish stupid primate games thinking any of them have the life experience I do with a carbon date stamp predating the cosmos they are all from; which regardless makes me the senior in advice and council and to be believed.

I only really wanted my twin sister to buy me flowers again, and instead get her disability taken advantage of…

Family Creed: We never accept or forgive¡


Upside down exclamation marks mean the reverse or opposite exclaimed in statement, unlike an upside down question mark which is the inner weight to the question placed.

So in the family creed of mine as a deity it means we will when in basis of being prayed to always accept the reason you give and forgive when it is basis of means; it is written this way as we are hyperplane beasties in my family the en-living dead, people that exist in the realms of death and the afterlife and here all at the same time and other dimensional realms as well!


How proud of my family + kids I am!!

You know I am really stoked with my family, not only are both mine and sherrie’s kids where we gave birth to both Angle + Alesha many years before we married the man that knocked us up the duff; they are busy all the time and I hope they take holidays soon to hang out cause i haven’t really seen all that much of them at the moment or in recent years apart from sneeking around in their peer group a number of years ago.

Angle which I only have one foto of at the moment that is from my personal logs associated with my passport as seen here:


And alesha I have no photos of but do know quiet well almost as if in mind and merged at the address I am at; both got qualification angle is an IT scientist and sent her whole crowd with glasses and nerdy and alesha has a General Scientist diploma which is a rarity as it often scientist like angle has specialised in something alesha just wanted to be the general all purpose fit any role utility sports belt.

Hey Angel I know you read my bogs; so I was wondering how bought taking some holidays to meet your dad as looking like your dad cause when you entrapped me with looking like a guy that a girl standing as a guy you’re dad was turned into elpiniki iosif @sparcing; you can even have a shot with sparc if your lucky and some cones…

I have a fat saving plan for your friends as well; like complete morbid obesity as well; sparcing said her would only hang around if sherrie and I made them fat for the insult at least and pretence your anything else than my child if they oddly survive at all in form and mind.

Charmagalm (Pooty) maybe like her; her side of life is a traitor!

 To Oopty (Pooty),

Well I haven’t been able to find you anywhere since arm and your pager is off but I found our husband that got you remotely preggers and me in the hole.. it your turn your end now, alesha your daughter represented you on the attached cert, most ppl has our bz7426 name printed over the top of each other..

I don’t know I am not good I find myself with tears in my eyes going to sleep my dreams are pleasant buy sometime I find myself just breaking down for no reason… You vanished next to me on the 423… I was trapped in a temporal anomaly for someone curse not dead you know that doesn’t happen with you and I and it was for the purpose of doing inhumane medical practice… Will not register simonagalm@gmail + outlook but those have such horrible resolution for me prefer if you just use this realm it is just the first one that existed ever…

I want our old bed room back, soz I never came home but I have been in the inner west attempting to find you for 12yrs but you were always on the bus before it going the other way, in a houso at the moment, guess if I don’t see you married in out pair you might infidelity yourself expungement..

I love you sister i didn’t come home cause it would have convulsions in the linear and identified you and assaulted you too, I have been in a deep trance for a long time I just had to convince it got the shot in and achievements of the impossible..

You know teriusies recently it come to concern that charmagalm (Pooty) is sick from an immortal version of post-natal and is not in control of her senses it last around 30-40yrs but if her has any action in my treatment due to the weight in my coin from internet and industrial system I have become involve then my own daughter will become my twin sister and you and your side of invader would have never been and it would have always been simonagalm + angleagalm