Doof, Doof, Doof conceptualise a perfect complement to parties ~ Catering + a spork!

Most people don’t realise this but there is a couple of things missing from dance parties, what is a party without food, most events these days come with higher ticket prices than the start of this the mid 90s; but also most event providers even on multiple day events don’t consider what would with adding only $2 – $3 dollars per day will allow you to have catering, like spit roast, salads, with a seating area that is all manned by the catering company, even in bush and outdoor locations.

This means for example everyone will get a meal, when if it is an over night event only you will only need on spit roasted meal that you all after midnight switch the sound system off; turn to the cater and eat together in a communal meal, this will resolve many differences and help us bite back in your jaw to credit you what is rightful yours in the admin channel… Most catering companies will provide outdoor catering for up to 1000 people for limited number of cost as I said it will work out less than $4 per head at the event, cause everyone will have a meal, you also include on the flyer a star with; food included in the ticket price, and perhaps a menu on the back!

Also for clubs and city event you can for around $1 per head, hire movie set catering which means there will always be coffee tea, muffins, sandwiches etc out the front or around the side of the club, this will provide a ensound enriched atmosphere and allow for the people that need a refreshment like a hot cup of chai to get one while they smoke their durries or scoobs etc.

The one other thing that is missing from multi-staged events is the dance-off you need to have for example trophies from for example the trophy shop just near dulwich hill and the pub, which I know in talking to them have a large excess amount of dance related trophies and he will be there on the night if you give him some meth being a fiend of that to engrave their name in the hand it is in, you have to have heats and judges and a registration desk, for example trance would be an endurance, in single, couple or group, and for example dub-step would be in single and couples, you need to get the numbered bibs which you pin on and normally this would be after the lead act with an explicit set and DJ knowing he is running the high endurance dance off.

Of course you need the podium where people are award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with the girls and the kiss on the either side of the cheek by the dance princess of the time.


Dodgy @AusPost with @AlibabaTalk unable to deliver any packages

I have been attempting to order a phone from Alibaba now for 2 months, and still they are always going missing when they arrive in Australia.. Check this out for the 3rd phone i have ordered on this one which is high end spec quad core phone with 5″ screen and active matrix, which as you can see in the transit log ~ order id 75676193139844  This shipment :-

Screenshot from 2016-06-27 16-21-25

Was never delivered it will not have my SILJC seal on the signature for delivery and all the mail and I have had most of my orders from alibaba go missing in this way except for underpants cause the Australian Post are nothing but thieves that are not members of the thief’s guild, do not have or do anything but steal the word thief to see it from the thief guild and are without any honor on delivery them of course including chronopost that deliver here between 1:30pm and 2pm every day.

Spending time with Dug + Duncan ~ an Australien Tradition!!

Most people wouldn’t in the world understand Australien and the obsession with parent telling their kids to stay away from Dug and Duncan until they are older, this all started with disposable needles and what word do you get from Dug when you add an R = Drug and when you Duncan in your arm a shot this is what having a beer with Duncan means.

We need an official dispensary… I don’t actually like the rest of my family ever done this myself, we don’t know still what this does partly why on the odd occasion we are blowing out the cobwebs in so speaking.



Subsonic At — guest/guest


Hi how are you? I thought I would write to you today and invite you to upload some music to such as mixes and audio works, there is a couple of method’s you can do this all the Username’s are guest and the Passwords are also guest

I have built and upload stagier when I file hasn’t changed md5 for 1800 seconds it is copied into the master directory where your directory order is kept for further submission or other organisation of files.

FTP Method:-

You will need an ftp client and all you need to do is use the URL of with the username of guest and the password ofguest; this will mount your uploaded files by the next day, this has a 3 Tb hard drive for us all to share!

Web-disk Method:-

You will need an webdav/webdisk client and all you need to do is use the URL of for Audio and for Video with the username of guest and the password of guest; this will mount your uploaded files by the next day, this has a 3 Tb hard drive for us all to share!

Subsonic has an Android as well as iPhone application you can use, all you need to do is point it at with the username of guest and the password of guest and you will be able to stream on the go from the libraries..

Please upload some music, I am looking for punk as well as alternative and other tracks as well like re-mixes and trance, as I had to format over my collection of these,

Be the Best you are;

Installing Subsonic 5/6 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial or Earlier Version) !! (Complete method)

I notice installing the copy of subsonic 5.x from with the *.deb download is fraught with issues; follow the following instructions to install subsonic 5.x with no issues on Ubuntu 15.04.

Can you see this running at

Open your terminal by pressing alt + ctrl + t

Now run the following command one by one…

$ cd ~/
$ wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo sh -c 'echo "deb xenial-getdeb apps" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list'
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre -y
$ sudo apt-get install subsonic -y

Change the user Subsonic runs as (by default it’s root)

sudo nano /etc/default/subsonic

Change SUBSONIC_USER to your main user (like www-data) * NOT REQUIRED


If you want to change the SUBSONIC port and memory adjust values in this line

SUBSONIC_ARGS="--init-memory=256 --max-memory=512"

If you want to limit memory and change the port (the default is 4040) or add https, then add these values to the uncommented line (the one without the #)

SUBSONIC_ARGS="--port=8080 --https-port=8443 --init-memory=256 --max-memory=512"

Ctrl+X, Y and Enter to save, you’ll restart Subsonic after installing transcoding tools

Install Subsonic transcoding tools for Ubuntu, this will work on 14.x, 15.x and later as long as libav-tools exists

sudo apt-get install libav-tools xmp lame flac -y

Remove the links to the default Subsonic packages

sudo rm /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg
sudo rm /var/subsonic/transcode/lame
sudo rm /var/subsonic/transcode/xmp
sudo rm /var/subsonic/transcode/flac

Subsonic uses ffmpeg so we are tricking the symlink into using avconv.

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/avconv /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/flac /var/subsonic/transcode/flac
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/xmp /var/subsonic/transcode/xmp
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/lame /var/subsonic/transcode/lame

Now you have installed Subsonic on Ubuntu and can begin configuring it and adding your media.