Hashing/Checksum Finger Printing API (Version 1.1)

Hashing Finger Printing (HFP) Open API

This is an API Service for creating checksums/hashes via a URL with GET or POST methods as per normal REST API Services. You will find this REST API Operating on: “hashing.labs.coop“…

Examples of Calls (Using JSON)

There is a couple of calls to the API which I will explain, in this example it will return a JSON String!

If you wanted to return an MD5 of the data ‘OQ?3UX:OB4KSJ<>TJ??V5EGHH8P’ you would use the following URL :: http://hashing.labs.coop/v1/md5/json.api?data=OQ%3F3UX%3AOB4KSJ%3C%3ETJ%3F%3FV5EGHH8P.

You need to provide the algorithm in the URL path as seen in the example as well as the GET or POST method form variable containing the information you want to hash in the variable ‘data’.

Code API Documentation

You can find the phpDocumentor code API documentation at the following path :: http://hashing.labs.coop/docs/. These should outline the source code core functions and classes for the API to function!

Checksums/Hashes Available

This is a list of the checksums available you would use in the URL path the part in this information just following this paragraph in italics!

md5 – MD5 Checksum
qcp135 – QCP135 Hashinfo/Checksum
qcp64 – QCP64 Hashinfo/Checksum
qcp71 – QCP71 Hashinfo/Checksum
sha1 – SHA1 Checksum
xcp – XCP Hashinfo/Checksum
xoopscrc – XOOPS Hashinfo/Checksum

You can download the source from the following URL the code for this API: https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabsapis/files/hashing.labs.coop/


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