NTP Server Pool

At Chronolabs Cooperative we have an NTP server pool, to adjust this you will need to change it in your router under the time options as well as in your /etc/ntp.conf or in windows in the control panel under time.

The IP Address for your NTP Server pool in the router you receive the internet on is the following:

  1. / 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fe88:ac83 / 0.ntp.snails.email
  2. / 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fe88:ac79 / 1.ntp.snails.email
  3. / 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fefd:d673 / 2.ntp.snails.email
  4. / 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fefd:61cc / 3.ntp.snails.email
  5. / 2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:fe20:2557 / ntp.snails.email

The address in your Windows Control panel for the route or source of time is the following: ntp.snails.email

You need to if you using Linux to alter your /etc/ntp.conf to either replace or complement to the existing setting the one to add are as follow for control lines in the script:

pool 0.ntp.snails.email iburst
pool 1.ntp.snails.email iburst
pool 2.ntp.snails.email iburst
pool 3.ntp.snails.email iburst
server ntp.snails.email

Remember the Business Owner of Chronolabs Cooperative will maintain a sync metronome amongst genre of music, Antony Roberts has classical theoretical composition in teach grade through the Conservatorium of Art under the hand of Duhurst.

If you have an NTP Source you would like added to our pool for congruency and confluency then please email the IP Address or Hostname to simon@ordinance.space, alternatively there will be later on a HTTP service on http://ntp.snails.email that allows for you to add any NTP Sources to the pool which will be online and added in around 15m, this is with the pool, not server call and uses iburst to stop NTP Echo Hacking.

Some places where you will find NTP Sources and sometime in transposition these on equipment like ADSL or Broadband routers and switches are unique to you, so remember to email or enter at least the NTP Sources mentioned on your internet router either domestic or commercial or even government or the military.

To Referee you to a document which will outline for organisational timing-bells seen here (https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs-cooperative/files/Documents/NTP%20Timing-bells/ or on the wiki here: https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/wiki/Constructing%20an%20Organisational%20Timing-bell/) sure so this lets me place comment, most people unlike the original timing belling system that ran on port 37 that is now NTP on port 123, most people don’t understand pools.


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