Wammy API (Anti-spam/Anti-terror)

Chronolabs Cooperative ~ http://wammy.labs.coop

AntiSpam/AntiTerror Content Spam/Ham Training+Testing API

Author: simon@staff.labs.coop

This PHP library is for use in conjunction with Spam-assassin and it training to ensure that the best detection of ham is possible, you don’t always hear a good wrap for Spam Assassin but this is often by people that never do any training with it; SA has a powerful Artificial Intelligence that is multilingual and will be and can be used for example to train all the terrorism content as ham and the rest as spam to filter for ham when it exist over API across large expanses.

Wammy is used in conjunction for example with a forum where you would first receive the post; then in a cron send it to wammy with the callback specified for scoring, for example in the moderation of the forum, anything the moderator deems spam you send to to wammy as spam training and note the score down.

You then use the average for the forum to auto kill anything marked lower than the average score, these get put in a holding area that periodically gets cleared by the moderator/webmaster that if something isn’t spam you send to wammy as a forgot training and all other post are trained as ham, you can like sport never do too much training.

For use in Anti-terror the method of it is different you train the terrorist textualisation with either SMS, HTML etc, as ham, the rest of the content is trained as spam you use it in the mirror pointing focusing like a magifying glass, if for example a terrorism case is quashed all their content is then trained as spam, as an API it means you can have nodes in the peering network you run that share training and collaborate meaning new algorithms are published within a few minute ‘nationally’ or even ‘internationally’ and the purpose for example of a username like a mobile number where the IP would be the first IP of interception of the message or when terror alerts are high you can pound the API with all the content across the board, this is an on-the-fly solution to anti-terror so you don’t get tunnel vision or blind focus in investigating populations.

This is designed to be used with PHP7 + Ubuntu 16.04+; you can download the API source code from: https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Wammy-API-PHP

Environmental Setup

You must install spam assassin to use this tool the follow command will do that in Ubuntu terminal

 $ sudo apt-get install spamassassin spamc

execute this and your environment requirements for this are installed.


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