Assemble your own shower #Katoomba the API

Legally it is know you have to assemble your own shower, everyone has to; so for — you have to assemble in the parts provided on the API Download your own shower!


Problem is someone has dropped the soap; even if you record a similar track and I will remind you closing the door is an old sign in audio you are alone in the effects room for the audio there is someone else using even your shower on a TV!


Flagging themself with the Red Card for the use of ‘Try’!


The number of times I have heard someone coming though this point of history use the NRL Football term for a ‘touchdown’ which is ‘try’, which was it use of the word ‘attempt’ in often doing something which has no dictionary reference cause it is an internal word for a touch-down in the NRL; which normally afterwards they use a term to ‘attempt for goals’ afterwards which is always the only in the gentlemans stratiegy game of AFL the only thing to do to score appoint there is not a single ‘touch-down’ this ‘try’ at all.